Activities of Academic year 2017-18

The Pasteur club was inaugurated on 28.08.17 for the academic year 2017-18 by Dr. Ambika Sekar, Dietician and Founder, The Body Focus, Chetpet, Chennai who stressed the imperativeness of following a healthy body and mind for a long life. The beneficiaries were the third-year students of the afternoon session.

Pasteur Club of the Department of Microbiology in collaboration with Malabar Gold and Diamonds and SRM Hospital, Chennai conducted a Health Checkup programme on 29th July 2017 from 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. for all the teaching and non- teaching staff in the Library Reading Hall. About 50 teaching faculty and non teaching staff attended the camp and were benefitted from the camp.

Posters were distributed on 20/7/2017 to create awareness on the measures to be taken to tide over the acute water shortage problems in Chennai city to all the departments of the college.

Pasteur club, Department of Microbiology held a Class Campaign emphasizing Oral Health and Dental Nutrition on 22nd September, 2017. Around 3,000 Students of all the classes from afternoon session were elaborated on the Pros and Cons of maintaining Dental nutrition and Oral health and were taught the correct technique of brushing and flossing. A note on the diseases result from improper brushing and maintenance of Oral health was also discussed. A Poster on the same was issued to all the departments of Afternoon Session.

A “Dental Health screening Programme” was held on 25th September 2017 for II UG students by the Pasteur Club, Department of Microbiology in association with Pepsodent India and Parasu Dental Clinic, Annanagar. A team of 10 doctors and Assistants from the Clinic screened the students meticulously and gave them the prescription and remedies. 975 students were benefitted through the camp and complementary toothpaste from Pepsodent was issued to all the beneficiaries and the teaching staff of Afternoon Session. The second-year students from all the departments of the afternoon session were the beneficiaries for the programme.

A talk on Dermatology entitled “Dermatalk- Take care of what you wear everyday for the rest of your life” by Dr. Furkunda Sajid, Dermatologist and cosmetologist was held amongst the students through the Pasteur Club followed by an Interdepartmental Poster Competition on “Effect of Cosmetic on Skin” on 12/01/2018 in the seminar hall. About 12 teams participated from various departments of the afternoon session and the first three prize winning teams were announced. The first-year students of the arts stream were beneficiaries for the programme.

The valediction of Pasteur Club was conducted on 19/02/2018 with a talk on “awareness on PCOD in Adolescent girls” by Dr. Archana, MBBS, DGO, Chennai Metro poly Clinic amongst the Final UG students of all streams and a awareness programme on “Know about Cervical cancer” for the staff through the Pasteur Club in collaboration with Agada Hospitals, T nagar. The outgoing office-bearers of the club were felicitated with certificates. The prize winners of the inter-departmental poster competition were also provided with certificates.