The Students' Council is equipped with the role of being the link between the student body and the faculty and management in the college. The palpable presence of a Students' Council in the campus ensures a healthy environment for the students whereby they are always reminded that they are well represented and that their voices will never go unheard. The Students' Council will manage the affairs of the college under the guidance and supervision of the Student Coordinators. The Core Council consists of six posts. They are the posts of President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Cultural Secretary, Literary and Debating Secretary and Joint Secretary. The process of selection is done through an interview. One student from each department will be allowed to take the interview for each post. The nomination forms of those attending the interview will be submitted to the current Students' Council. The judges panel for the interview includes the Principal, Vice Principal, Student Co-ordinators and the Heads of the Units. Two candidates will be selected for each post based on their performance, contribution towards the college and their presentation during the interview. Of these two candidates, one student will be elected for each post through the election process. The results will be announced on the same day by the Vice Principal. Apart from the Core members, the Students' Council consists of the External Council Members from the various units which works for the welfare of the students. These External Members are selected by their respective Unit Heads.


Students union of Afternoon session called MAJLIS comprises of various posts called President, Vice President, Treasurer, Cultural Secretary, Literary & Debating Secretary and General Secretary. Members for Students union are normally selected through the process of Interview. The application form for various posts will be distributed to the Head of the Departments through a circular, who will further distribute the same to their respective department students. Interested students from the second year will collect and submit the filled in application to the Head of the Department. The head of the department along with senior staff members will scrutinize the applications and select the capable students from their department and submit the same to the Majlis staff co-ordinators for final selection. Once the shortlisted forms are collected from all the departments, a final round of interview will be conducted in a panel. The panel will consist of Principal, Vice- Principal, Head of the Departments and Majlis Co-ordinators. The members for majlis will be selected based on communication, participation in various activities and their overall presentation. The result of the selection process will be announced by the Principal on the same day. There are few more posts like Sports Secretaries, NCC Secretaries, NSS Secretaries, Placement Secretaries, Enviro Secretary and Library Secretary. The members for these posts will be selected by the respective Club staff co-ordinators. All the selected members will be officially declared the post in a Majlis Investiture Ceremony.