The Internal Quality Assurance Cell under the agies of the Management of the Institution and the rules binding under UGC guidelines has developed a code of conduct for the teaching and non-teaching faculty. Every employee shall be governed by the service rules of the Government in case of the aided stream and the Management in the Self-financing stream.


  1. To discharge their professional responsibilities according to the existing rules of Higher Education as prescribed by the UGC and adhere to procedures and methods consistent with their profession.
  2. To refrain from undertaking any other employment and commitment including private tuition and coaching classes which are likely to interfere with their professional responsibilities.
  3. To adhere to the conditions of their appointment.
  4. To refrain from availing themselves of leave except on unavoidable grounds and as far as practicable with prior intimation, keeping in view their particular responsibility for completion of the academic schedule.
  5. To cooperate with the authorities for the betterment of the institution keeping in view its interest and in conformity with the dignity of the profession.
  6. To treat other members of the profession in the same manner as they themselves wish to be treated.
  7. To refrain from allowing considerations of caste, creed, religion or race in their professional endeavour.
  8. To speak respectfully with other teachers and render assistance for professional development.
  9. To respect the right and the dignity of the student in expressing his/her opinion.
  10. To recognise the difference in aptitude and capabilities among students and strive to meet their individual needs.
  11. To encourage students to improve their performance, develop their personalities and at the same time contribute to community welfare.
  12. To express free and frank opinions at professional meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. in their contribution to knowledge.
  13. To adhere to a responsible pattern of conduct and demeanour expected of them by the community.
  14. To treat the non-teaching staff as colleagues and equal partners in cooperative undertaking, within the Institution.
  15. To be affectionate to the students and not behave in a vindictive manner towards any of them for any reason.
  16. To help students to develop an understanding of our national heritage and national goals.


  1. To be devoted to his/her duty and shall maintain absolute integrity, discipline, impartiality and develop a sense of belonging.
  2. To be courteous in his/her dealings with other members of the staff, students and members of the public at all times. His/her behaviour should be commendable.
  3. To be a whole-time employee of the College who may be called upon to perform such duties, as may be assigned to him by competent authority, beyond scheduled working hours and on holidays and Sundays.
  4. To observe the scheduled hours of work, during which he/she must be present at the place of his/her duty.
  5. Whenever leaving station, an employee should inform the Head of the Department to which he/she is attached, providing the address where he/she will be while on leave.
  6. No employee shall bring or attempt to bring any political or other outside influence to bear upon any superior authority for the furtherance of his/her interest. The penalty for a contravention on this rule shall be the withholding of promotion for him/her either permanently for such period as the competent authority may determine.
  7. No College employee shall engage himself in strike or in incitements thereto or in activity resulting in abstaining from duties, slowing down the work, instigating other employees directly or indirectly, to abstain from work or to go slow on work. Obstructing other employees from attending duties, or creating obstructions from work is strictly prohibited and amounts to gross misconduct.
  8. No employee shall send any application for employment under any other agency without prior permission from the authorities of the Institution.