Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women

Autonomous, Chennai - 600018



The Vision of the Information Technology Policy is to enhance and strengthen the use of resources such as computer systems, security of databases, networks so as to enable the usage of Information Technology for faster, inclusive and sustainable growth of our College. IT Policy exists to maintain, secure and ensure legal and appropriate use of Information Technology infrastructure established by the College within the Campus. Computer resources are used for administration in Offices, for Departments in academics for teaching-learning, in Library to access e-resources and an E-Learning Centre exclusively for research and development and in English Language Lab for training to promote Language technologies for text to speech and speech to text conversion, machine translation, voice recognition, etc. for enabling language independent delivery of services.


  • -   All computer purchases made by the Departments have licensed software (operating system, antivirus software and necessary application software) installed. College IT Policy does not allow any pirated/ unauthorised software installation.
  • -   The cloud backup service is primarily used for ensuring data recovery and retrieval in case of disaster and trouble in computer services.
  • -   The College has a Leased Line connection for Tata Teleservices and broadband connections from ACT, Hathway and Airtel.
  • -   The unit of Computer Science Department has been given the responsibility of monitoring the College intranet and internet services.
  • -   The Computer Science Department is the backbone for all campus networking and active components are administered, maintained and controlled by this department.
  • -   The unit decides the Physical demarcation which is exactly at which location the fiber optic based backbone terminates in the buildings.
  • -   This unit runs the Firewall security, MacAfee server, cloud servers and managing the overall network of the College.
  • -   All computers connected to the College network have an IP address assigned by this unit.
  • -   The range of IP addresses allocated to each building follow a systematic approach. Any computer connected to the network from that building is allocated an IP address only from that Address pool.
  • -   Faculties and students are allocated unique login id through the Campus management software by this unit.
  • -   They are also provided with official email id and which are used for online classes too.
  • -   The Computer Science Department maintains the official website of the College.

E-Waste Disposal:

  • -   Once a hard drive has reached the end of its use it will be erased prior to disposal and the Log will be updated accordingly.
  • -   All hard drives and recorders shall remain the property of College until disposal and destruction.
  • -   All recordings will be handled in strict accordance with this policy and the procedures set out in the Procedures Manual.
  • -   Condemned hardware must be checked and approved by the authorised hardware engineer of the College before handling over to e-waste recyclers.

Any violations of IT Policy laid down by any member may even result in disciplinary action against the offender by the College authorities or will be referred to Cybercrime Cell for legal action.