Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed
M.A, B.L
Mrs.Fathima Akhtar

The Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for women (formerly "S.I.E.T Women's College") maintained by the Southern India Education Trust, founded by Late Justice Mr.Basheer Ahmed Sayeed assisted by his wife Mrs. Fathima Akhtar and other colleagues, endeavours to maintain a programme that will develop women of great integrity, high character and culture who are fully capable of making enlightened choice and intelligent judgment in a social order which is dynamic and which requires the best contribution from every man and woman.

From its inception the College has been rooted deeply in the spirit of the oneness of God and Universal Brotherhood of Man. Therefore, the portals of the College have been kept open for all eligible women students from all parts of the country and the world irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Cultural and spiritual unity is encouraged in the day-to-day life within the College campus.

The College maintains high standards of excellence in the academic sphere and in the physical amenities and facilities intended to implement the educational programme. The College endeavours to enroll students who hold high standards of performance, discipline and achievement.

In addition to the autonomous curriculum which is expected to provide a broad foundation of general education and a reasonable amount of specialization, a diversified programme of campus activities-social, recreational, cultural and religious-supplements and complements the academic study and provides facilities and opportunities for the development of individual talent, personal relationship and creative group life with high moral standards.