MOTTO: Enjoin good, Forbid evil.

The Prophet (PBUH) said : œI have been sent to perfect good character.


The Religious Instruction Forum was founded in the year 1964 during the  Founder™s Period.Two Moulvis were appointed to lead the prayer in the mosque on Fridays and deliver  the sermon. Ustaz Hameed Sahib , also took religious instruction classes in English and  Azeemi Sahib took classes in Urdu. Later, these classes were revived under the Former Principal Mrs.Shehnaz Farhatullah in the year 1989 . The teacher in-charge of the classes was Dr. Mutaharunissa from the Department of English.

Later Mrs Naseem Hussain from the Department of  Economics served  as a  Co-Ordinator followed by Sabira Nizamuddin from the Department of Home Science, Mrs.Zahida Rasheed from the Department of Botany, Dr.Zakira Ummeshehla from the Department of Urdu and  Dr.Khader Almas from the Department of  English.

 Presently, Dr.G.Nafeesa Masood , Head, Department of Arabic and Mrs.H.Abida from the Department of English  are the Co-ordinators. The Orientation course in Islam is to impart knowledge of Islamic culture and religious values, which includes the two main source of study the Qura™n and the Hadith. Many dedicated teachers have been taking religious classes for almost five decades.


 The main objective of this Course of study is to provide a concise yet a broad framework of Islam and to enhance knowledge and understanding of Islamic beliefs which in turn helps the students to lead a purposeful and a spiritual life.

  • To promote knowledge and to make students reflect positively on their own Identity, beliefs, values, rights and experiences in the shade of  Holy Qurá™n and the tradition of  the  Prophet (PBUH).
  • To develop a positive attitude which in turn helps the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the students and makes them emotionally and mentally sound.
  • To develop and refine individuals with love, kindness, patience, compassion and selflessness to shape better citizens, who can contribute in building a peaceful and a stable society.
  • Orientation Programme for the Freshers
  • Essay writing Competition
  • Guest lectures / Sermons on every Friday.
  • Workshops, Cultural event œJust Bliss.
  • Annual function of the Orientation course in Islam
  • Tafseer classes on Tuesdays after the college hours.


  • Regular classes are conducted on every Thursday by a team of dedicated Muslim staff members.
  • The Students recite and share verses and sayings from the Qura™n and the Hadith on moral values ethics ,etc in the regular Assembly
  • An Essay writing competition on ™™The Life and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is also held every year, which is compulsory for all Muslim Students and many Non-muslim Students also participate enthusiastically. They are encouraged to write in three languages English, Urdu and Tamil.
  • The Best three essays from Art , Science and Commerce Stream are selected. The First prize winners are awarded with Certificates and Prizes on the College Day. The Second and the Third prize winners are awarded on the occasion of the R.I Annual Function Day.
  • Lectures on various topics by the Guest speakers is conducted on every Friday.
  • Regular meetings are held with the Working Committee members to discuss various issues.
  • The Curriculum is well-structured and   progressive. It   has been carefully designed not only  to incorporate the basic tenets but also to cater to the advanced learners.
  • The UG Book  on ˜™The life and teachings of  Prophet Muhammed™™ Peace and blessings be upon Him by Gulam sarwar  and for PG  ˜A Treasury of Hadith and Sunnah™


UG- I , II , III    -40 hrs                                                written  75: marks

                                                                                         Oral      25:marks






Title of the Lesson


Title of the Lesson


Title of the Lesson








Introduction to Islam



Basic beliefs


Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)



Family life




Makki life






Madani life


Last sermon









Al-khulafa™ur Rashideen


Three Great Muslim Women



Stories of Selected Prophets  (Peace and blessings be upon them)






















Social life in islam

Economic system of Islam 

Political System of    Islam




Preservation of Hadith


Divine Injunctions


Faith and His Mission








Etiquettes of   


eating drinking


dressing and










Obligatory Prayers


Standard of Personal



Family Life


Selected verses            from the Quran



Selected Ahadith










Social norms and Obligations



Major Sins



Virtues in Personal character


Virtues in Personal


Vices in Personal Character


Prohibited and Undesirable Acts

Earning and Spending


 Invocation and Supplications



Committee Members
  • (Mrs.) S. Rizwana Begum (Department of Biochemistry)
  • Rasheeda Banu (Department of Home science)
  • Shaik AzeemTaj (Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology)
  • Jamal Sayeedha Tabassum (Department of Chemistry)
  • A.Faiz jahan (Department of English)
  • Two Students Co-ordinators are selected every year.