Activities of Academic year 2019-20

Pasteur club of the department of Microbiology, Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for women was inaugurated on 17th august 2019 by the Chief guest Dr. Zubyr Sherif, unani doctor from Unani medical college, Chennai where he focused on Unani Tib- A holistic approach to health. The program began with the welcome address by Esther Fedora Geta Kishore, President of Pasteur club, followed by the dynamics of Pasteur club by Mrs. S. Irfana Tabassum, Faculty Coordinator, Pasteur club and annual report, 2018-2019 read by A. Humaira Shain, Treasurer of the Pasteur club. The induction of new members was done by Dr. Zubyr Sherif by handing over the badges to the office bearers. The elected council members were Esther Feddora Geta Kishore, President, Jenifer Diana, Secretary, Humaira Shain, Treasurer, Shifa Maryam-Vice president and Ramya-Joint secretary. The faculty co-ordinator of the club is Mrs. S. Irfana Tabassum. Dr. Zubyr Sherif, gave a speech on Unani Tib-A holistic approach to health which was very impressive and the program ended up with the vote of thanks by Jenifer Diana-Secretary of Pasteur Club.

Inauguration (17.08.2019)

Office bearers

Pasteur club of Microbiology department, Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women, conducted a class campaign on 17th December 2019 on “Viral flu and precautions to be taken to prevent monsoon diseases”. The students of UG Microbiology participated in the class campaign and spread the awareness throughout the college in each and every department. The awareness was about the diseases-Dengue and Chickungunya and their cause, transmission, symptoms, prevention and treatment. Posters on Viral flu were distributed to all the departments of the forenoon and afternoon sessions of the college during the campaign.