Activities of Academic year 2015-16

The Pasteur Club is a multidisciplinary bioscience club initiated by the P.G. Department of Applied Microbiology for the benefit and welfare of the students of JBAS College for Women. The main objective of the club is popularisation of Basic and Applied Medical Science across students of all disciplines. The club is coordinated by Ms. A. Anu Swedha and Ms. J. Sumitha and is intended to bridge the gap between the students of all disciplines and health.

October 2015

Pasteur Club was inaugurated on 8th October, 2015 by Dr. S. Murugusundram, a leading trichologist in Chennai city and Medical Director of Chennai Skin Foundation & Yesudian Research Institute, Chennai. The inauguration was followed by an interactive session on hair care titled as “Capillum- A little off the top”.

December 2015

After the devastating Chennai floods, the Pasteur club distributed posters to all the departments of the college on “ Dos and Dont’s after floods” to spread awareness on the safety measures to be taken after the floods.

January 2016

The Pasteur club & Greenvironment India, an environmental engineering company incubated at IIT Madras, conducted a practical event on “Aqua Pure – Be water wise” on 7th January 2016, wherein potable/non-potable water from staff and students of JBAS College for Women was tested for free of cost.  Water Quality Testing Service was done at our college to test basic water quality parameters and  the most appropriate and cost effective solutions were offered for safe drinking water. About 300 water samples were tested and results were e-mailed or sent to the corresponding cell phones through sms facility.

March 2016

On March 1st 2016 a class campaign was organised on “Importance of Hand washing to curb infectious diseases” where students of the club performed skit and distributed pamphlets in each class to make known the imperativeness of hand hygiene. In addition to the same, the hand impressions of about 100 interested beneficiaries were inoculated into a culture medium and the results were analysed and provided. About 70 classrooms were covered including the staff rooms of the faculty and Office rooms.

Assembly Pep Talk:

Pep talks are organized in the College Assembly every month to disseminate knowledge about the awareness and prevention of common infectious diseases under the topic “Know Your Infectious Diseases”.