The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established on 1st July 2005. Thishas become an inherent component of the Institution to work towards qualityenhancement and sustenance.

The IQAC has developed a system for conscious, consistent and catalyticimprovement in the performance of the College, by developing mechanisms andprocedures for ensuring the objectives of the IQAC as foreseen by the NAAC.

The functions of the IQAC are:

(i)Development of Quality benchmark for various academic andadministrative activities of the College.

(ii) Facilitating the creation of learner-centric environment conducive forquality education.

(iii) Arrangements for feedback from students, parents and other stakeholderson quality related issues.

(iv) Dissemination of information on quality related issues.(v) Organisation of Seminars and Workshops on quality related themes.

(vi) Documentation of programmes of College leading quality improvement.The IQAC is involved in planning, guiding and monitoring the activities of theInstitution leading to QUALITY assurance and QUALITY enhancement. With thefocussed efforts of the IQAC, our College was accredited with ‘5 Star’ status in theyear 1999, with ‘A+’ grade in 2007 and with an outstanding CGPA of 3.61 (out of 4)at ‘A’ Grade in 2013.

IQAC Coordinators from 2005 till date:

1. Dr. Nausheen DawoodReader & Head, Postgraduate and ResearchDepartment of Zoology2005 – 2009

2. Dr. Nafeesa Fathima MoinuddinAssociate Professor, Department of English2009 – 2014

3. Mrs. RayeesunisaAssistant Professor, Department of Commerce2014 – 2015

4. Dr. N. SujathaAssociate Professor & Head, Department of Sanskrit2015 till date