The objective of the Herbal club is to create awareness about the significance and medicinal values of herbal medicinal plants.


  • To create awareness about herbs with medicinal values.
  • To educate the importance of cultivation and conservation of medicinal plants.
  • To familiarize the young minds about the benefits and uses of potent medicinal herbs for common ailments.

  • The herbal club maintains the herbal garden in the college campus.
  • Every year the herbal club organizes various activities in the form of Seminar, workshop, Exhibition of Medicinal plants that highlights the importance of herbal medicinal plants and necessity of conserving them.
  • Each herbal plant is provided with its botanical name, its family, vernacular name and its medicinal uses.
  • Regular weeding out, re-potting , manuring and trimming of the herbal plants are done .

The Herbal club is a part of Enviro club. The Herbal club co-ordinator was Dr(Mrs).D.A.Shahira Banu, HOD, Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology from 2012 – 2015. Mrs. P.Jabeena Begum, Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology from the academic year 2015 – till date is the Herbal club co-ordinator. All the staff, students and non-teaching members of the Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology are working committee of the Herbal club.