Consumer Right sd Association was inaugurated on 19.1.2010 by the then Commissioner of the Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Mr. Rajaraman. Our Chairman Mr. Moosa Raja, Correspondent Mr. Faizur Rehman were also present. The objectives of the association are:

1. Create wareness amongst the students on responsibilities and rights of consumers.

2. Educate students on sustainable consumption.

3. Create awareness on identifying adultered products.

4. Conduct seminars and workshops on Consumer Vision.

5. Collaborate with Directorate of Consumer Protection and other institutions.


Mr. Rajaraman, Commissioner, Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection.                                                                                                                                                Mr. Desikan, Founder Trustee, Consumer’s Association of India.                                                                                           


On 22.11.2010 Mr. Santhanarajan, Director, CONCERT made an interesting presentation to the students on ‘Identification of Adjulteration in food products’ followed by a demonstration on 30.11.2010.

A competition on the topic ‘Best out of Waste’ was held on 22.11.2010.  Many students participated and exhibited their talents.  The competition was judged by Mr. Santhanarajan.  The first prize was won by the team comprising of Ragavee S, III B.Com & Sumrana Akthan III B.Com and the second prize by the Taranum Ara III B.Com & Sujitha III B.Com.

On 24th Jan 2011, Mr. Umapathy, President, Madras Metropolitan Consumers Protection Centre addressed the students on the topic ‘Consumer Rights’ and on 14.2.2011 Mr. Murugan K, Advocate, Madras High Court enlightened our students on ‘Consumerism’.

Mr. Santhanarajan addressed our students on Responsibilities of Consumers and on sustainable consumption on 16.3.2011.

The activities of the consumer rights association for the academic year 2011-2012 were inaugurated by Ms. Nirmala Desikan, Trustee, Consumer Assocaition of India on 14.9.2011.  She enlightened out students on consumer protection and quoted various instances in which the Consumer Association of India came to the rescue of aggrieved consumers.  The student members of the consumer rights association presented a slide show highlighting consumer rights and responsibilities.

On 28.11.2011 a workshop on food and water safety was held.  Mr. Santhanarajan, Director, CONCERT, conducted the workshop.  Sixty eight students from various departments participated in the workshop. Water samples brought by the students were tested to find the safety levels.  Mr. Santhanarajan also highlighted as to how to identify adulteration in food products.

On 19.12.2011 a seminar on ethical issues in advertising was held in the seminar hall.  Students from various colleges participated in the seminar.  Mr. Desikan, Founder, Trustee, Consumer Association of India addressed the students on Ethics in advertising and chaired the first session of the seminar.  The second session was chaired by Dr. mrs. Sugantha Kannan, HoD, Commerce FN).  The best papers in the two sessions were  judged and prizes given to students.

On 3.12.2011 the Consumer Association of India conducted a seminar on ‘Is Healthcare India Patient Centric’ Forty students and five staff memebrs of the college attended the seminar. The students collected data on the topic of the seminar from 160 consumers, analysed the data and presented a paper at the seminar.  A competition on identifying ‘pure silk clothe’ was organised by ‘co-optex’.  Our students participated in the competition and two of them received Silk Scarf for identifying the pure silk clothes.


From June 2012 onwards, the  activities of the Consumer Rights Association are coordinated by Dr. Dilshath and Ms. RasoolaSheik, Associate Professors, Department of Commerce.

The activities of Consumer Rights Association were inaugurated by Mr. G. Rajan, Secretary General, Consumers Association of India on 22nd August 2012.

I I P A – Indian Institute of Public Administration, Chennai conducted a workshop on Consumer Rights at Ambedkar Law University.  The coordinators of CRA of our college Dr. A. Dilshath and Mrs. Rasoola Sheik attended the workshop.

On 26 Sep 2012, poster competition on Sustainable Consumption of Personal Transport was conducted in our college on behalf of CAG, 20 students from different departments participated.

On 29th Sep 2012 CAI and IRDA conducted a seminar on Health Insurance at The Anna Institute of Management.  Three teaching faculties Dr. A. Dilshath, Mrs. Rasoola Sheik and Mrs. B. Dilshath Begum attended the seminar along with 25 students.

On 17 Oct 2012, Citizen Consumer and Civic Action group – CAG and Consumers International conducted a consumer guidance seminar on Sustainable Consuption of Personal Transport at Ethiraj College. Our student Ms. M. Juwairiyah won the second prize for the poster competition.

We propose to start The Students Chapter of CAI in our college during this semester.

On 3rd December 2012, Mr. Santhanarajan,Director, CONCERT, gave an inspiring speech on ‘Hidden risk in food’.