The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women was set up in 2005. The then Principal, Dr. Salma Salahuddin, selected the members of the IQAC team. Dr. Nausheen Dawood, Head of the Department of Zoology, was appointed the IQAC Coordinator. 

The IQAC of the College has been responsible for the introduction of several healthy practices like Student evaluation of teachers, the Mentor-mentee program, Parent feedback, self-appraisal by teachers, confidential reports about the staff by the heads of departments, the grievance redressal cell, the monitoring of the hygiene in the canteen, and many such good practices. 

In 1999 the College had been accredited with the Outstanding Five Star Status by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council of India. By 2005, the College was gearing up for the Reaccreditation by NAAC and one of the responsibilities of the IQAC was to collect and consolidate data with reference to the different criteria specified by NAAC from the various departments of the college. The Reaccreditation Report had to be prepared. The IQAC members together prepared the report which had to be sent to the NAAC office six months in advance of the NAAC Peer Team visit. 

In February 2007, the NAAC Peer Team visited the college and reaccredited the College with an A Plus. The college became autonomous in 2006 under the leadership of Dr. Sanjida Haris. In the following academic year, the Choice Based Credit System came into force. The IQAC has spared no efforts in making these transitions smooth and hassle-free. Curricular design, impetus to research, innovations in the teaching-learning method using new technology, examination reforms and such like, have been encouraged. The Management has equipped all the departments in the college with a computer and printer. Many departments have been given an LCD projector. Departments are given grants for expanding their libraries with the latest books.

Conferences/Seminars/Symposia conducted:

* On 21st April 2009 the IQAC conducted a day-long State Level Seminar on the topic “CBCS: Challenges & Benefits” inviting expert resource persons to enlighten the participants on the newly introduced choice-based credit system.

* On April 13th 2010, the IQAC conducted a National Seminar on the topic “Enhancement and Sustenance of Quality of Students & Teachers: Role of Support Services”. The Seminar was inaugurated by Prof. S.P. Thyagarajan, the Pro-Chancellor (Research) of Sri Ramachandra Medical University, Porur. More than 75 papers were presented on a variety of themes revolving around the topic of support services.

* The IQAC organized an International Symposium entitled “The Need of the Hour: Integrating Employability with Education” on the 18th of December 2010. IQAC member Mrs. Jabeen, Vice Principal of the Afternoon Session, was the Organizing Secretary for the Symposium and she was ably assisted by IQAC member Mrs. Firdouse Jahan, HoD of Business Administration. The Symposium was very well attended. It was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister for Information and Technology, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Dr. Poongothai Aladi Aruna. The Keynote Address was delivered by Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, Vice Chairman of Cognizant Technologies Ltd.

Academic Audit conducted:

In 2010, the IQAC organized the academic audit of the various departments of the college, a huge exercise conducted in two phases. The IQAC planned and executed the mammoth task of carrying out the academic audit of the various departments of the college. Before the actual audit could be undertaken, the IQAC organised a one-day Orientation Programme for the auditors and the staff of the college on the 7th of August 2010. The Orientation Programme was inaugurated by Dr. Naga Bhushan Rao. In the three technical sessions which followed, experts were invited to orient the auditors about the task at hand. Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail, HoD of Biotechnology, New College, Dr. Joe Jesudurai, HoD of Physics, Loyola College, and Dr. Venkatesan, Retd. HoD of Zoology, Loyola College, did a thorough job of explaining all the intricacies and benefits of academic audit to the audience. 

The Academic Audit of the various departments of the Forenoon and Afternoon Sessions was completed over a period of two weeks from the 11th of August to the 20th of August 201. The feedback from the auditors was placed on record and has been consolidated for presentation to the Management. 

The college also prepared a proposal for the grant of the status of College with Potential for Excellence. The IQAC also mooted the idea of an Orientation Programme for Teachers which was held successfully on the 14th and 15th of June 2010. The Freshers of the college (both Forenoon and Afternoon Sessions) were treated to a two-day Orientation Programme on the 28th and 29th of June 2010. Another achievement was the Bridge Course which was conducted for ten days in July 2010 for the Freshers. Every year the IQAC is expanding its activities in its desire to deliver quality education of the first order to the students who study here. 

On the 5th of October 2010, the first PTA meeting for the academic year was conducted. The IQAC distributed feedback forms for the parents to fill in and the completed forms were collected and stored safely. The student feedback forms for the year 2010-11 were outsourced to a software company for consolidation. The data was consolidated in the form of a numerical table and a graph denoting the performance of the teachers. This information was communicated to the teachers in all confidentiality. This academic year, too, the student feedback was obtained on the 14th of February 2011 for the Forenoon Session and the 15th  of  February 2011 for the Afternoon Session.

The IQAC has expanded its range of activities this year to include four workshops.

* The first workshop was conducted by Mr. Douglas Kennedy, an American teacher who was in Chennai on a Distinguished Fulbright Award in Teaching. He enlightened the postgraduate students and research scholars of our college on “Discussion Strategies and Critical Reading Techniques” on the 23rd of November 2010.

* The second IQAC workshop was conducted on the 22nd of January 2011 for the non-teaching staff of the Forenoon and Afternoon Sessions of the college. Mr. Ponraj, HRD consultant, was the Trainer for this one-day workshop on “Efficiency in the Workplace”. Mrs. Jayanthi Sivagami, the Student Counsellor and Placement Officer of our college, was the Coordinator of this workshop.

* On the 19th of February 2011, a one-day Attitudinal and Motivational Workshop was organized by the IQAC for the office staff of the Forenoon and Afternoon Sessions and also the staff of the Office of the Controller of Examinations. There were 80 participants in all in this workshop entitled “Empower to Excel” conducted by Mr. Rajan, Director of ZEAL. Mrs. Fidouse Jahan, HoD, Business Administration, was the Coordinator for this workshop.

*Yet another workshop was scheduled for the 7th of March 2011 in celebration of Women’s Day. About 80 students with leadership potential were selected from the Arts stream of the Forenoon and Afternoon Sessions to participate in this one-day workshop conducted by Mr. Rajan, Director of ZEAL.  Ms. Rayeesunissa, Asst. Prof., Dept. Of Commerce, was the Coordinator for this Workshop. 

On behalf of the IQAC, I thank the Chairman and the Secretary of the SIE Trust, the Correspondent of our college, and all the other members of the Management for their support in all our endeavours. I thank the Principal, who is the Chairperson of the IQAC, for her guidance and support. I also thank the Financial Consultant for the help he has rendered the IQAC. I would like to thank all the IQAC members for their hard work and dedication to the cause of raising the standard of quality in all aspects of college life. My thanks are also due to all the staff members of the various Opcoms for standing by the IQAC and discharging their duties beyond the line of duty. May the Almighty bless our efforts and give all of us the strength to carry on the good work in the cause of education – Ameen!

The IQAC team comprises the following members:


1 Principal Dr. Shanaz Ahamed
2 Coordinator Dr. N. Sujatha
Head, Department of Sanskrit
3 Vice-Principal (F.N. Session) Dr. Amthul Azeez
Head, Department of Zoology
4 Vice-Principal (A.N. Session) Dr.S. Firdouse Jahan
Head, Department of Business Administration
5 Member Dr. S. Bhooma
Associate Professor, Department of Commerce
6 Member Dr. Waheeda Matheen
Head, Department of Psychology
7 Member Dr. A. Anjum
Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry
8 Member Dr.M.Jabeen
Assistant Professor of Commerce
9 Member Ms. Summera Rafiq
Head, Department of Microbiology
10 Member Dr. R. Gayathri
Assistant Professor, Dept. of C.S. & I.S.M.
11 Member Mrs. Thahirunisa
Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
12 Member Mrs. Jayanthi Sivagami
Student Counsellor & Placement Officer
13 Member Mrs. Matheena Fasi
Administrative Officer
14 Member Mr. R. Selvam
Financial Consultant