Chairperson Dr. Amthul Azeez
Coordinator of the IQAC Dr. (Ms.) N. Sujatha
Head, Department of Sanskrit
Management Member Mr. Faizur Rahman Sayeed
Secretary & Correspondent,JBAS College for Women
Member, Industry Representative Mr. Rafeeq Ahmed
Director, T.A Abdul Waheed & Co.
Member Dr. D.A. Shahira Banu
Vice –Principal (F.N.)
Member Dr.(Mrs.) S. Firdouse Jahan
Vice –Principal (A.N.) Head, Department of Business Administration
Member Dr.(Mrs.) Jabeen.M
Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
Member Dr. Summera Rafiq
Head & Associate Prof., Department of Microbiology
Member Dr. (Mrs.) Gayathri. R
Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce
Member Mrs. Jayanthi Sivagami
Student Counselor & Placement Officer
Member Dr.(Mrs.)Waheeda Matheen
Head & Associate Prof., Department of Psychology
Member Dr.(Mrs.) Anjum. A
Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry
Member Dr. Reshma
Head & Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
Member Dr.S. Alliya Parveen
Associate Prof., Department of English
Member Dr. Mohamed Nisha
Assistant Professor, Department of Home Science
Member Mrs. Jasmin H
Asst. Professor, Department of Electronic Science
Member Mrs. Nikhath Parveen
Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce
Members, Administration
Administrative Representative Mrs. Matheena Fasi
Administrative Officer
Finance Representative Mr. R. Selvam
Financial Consultant
Local Society Nominee Dr. Sadakathullah
Former Director, RBI Staff College
Alumni Representative Ms. Fathima
Student Representatives Council Members (FN) and Majlis Members (AN)