Dr. Shanaz Ahamed

Vision & Mission


To provide excellence in Commerce Education by providing knowledge and skills in the field of Corporate Secretaryship and to instil Value based Education incorporating Moral, Ethical, Social and Cultural values thereby creating a holistic development in the students.

To provide excellence in Commerce Education and Information Technology by providing knowledge and skills in the field of Commerce and Information Technology to nurture Technical and Profession growth of students.


To empower women students from economically and socially backward communities, irrespective of caste and creed with quality education in the field of Commerce and technology to develop their competencies.

To provide exhaustive academic Programmes in the fields of Business and Information Technology to raise the academic potential of the students.

To equip students with the skills and abilities needed to adapt to the changing global scenario and gain access to career prospects.

To Stimulate and empower the students to become novel leaders and equip them to become Entrepreneurs.


If creative writing is your passion, then you would probably enjoy a career in which you could spend all day pursuing that passion...

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UGC has granted college with potential for excellence ...

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Centre for Women's Studies

The Centre for Women’s Studies of our College was established in September 2005 with the financial ...
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Star College Scheme

Five Science Departments namely Physics, Chemistry, Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology, Zoology and Biochemistry ...
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