Motto – Nurture nature, Safe future


The Enviroclub is the brain child of the former Principal DR. Nausheen Dawood and Head of the Department of Zoology. The Enviroclub was inaugurated in the year 2005 by Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail, Head of the Department of Zoology, The New College, Chennai, currently the Director of Ecoscience Research Foundation, Chennai.


The main objective of starting the Enviroclub was to create an awareness among the students and staff both teaching and non teaching on both local and global issues of the environment and the need to maintain a green and clean campus.

  • To create a sense of responsibility and belongingness towards the environment.
  • To maintain a clean and pollution free environment.
  • To establish a completely plastic free campus.
  • To create stakeholders who will be environmentally conscious and motivated to do their best for protecting the environment.

    • Enviroclub badges are given and a certificate is issued at the end of the III year to the student members in recognition of their services.
    • “Green Award” was instituted in the year 2016-17, and is given to the department which has actively participated in all the Enviroclub activies and maintained a clean and green department from both the Forenoon and Afternoon session every year.

      Working Committee

       The Co-ordinators of Enviroclub are DR. S. Kaneez Fathima  and Mrs. M. Parveen from the P. G. & Research Department of Zoology (Forenoon Session).

      Sub committee members of the Enviroclub

       Forenoon Session

      • (Mrs.) S. Rizwana Begum (Department of Biochemistry)
      • Azeem Taj (Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology)
      • Azeem Ayesha Siddiqua (Department of Applied Psychology & Behavioural Research)

         Afternoon Session

        • Nikhath Parveen (Department of Commerce)
        • A. Iffath Jehan  (Department of Corporate Secretaryship &ISM)
        • J. Sumitha (Department of Applied Microbiology)

          Every year two Students are selected, one each from Forenoon and Afternoon session as Enviroclub Secretaries.

          Five students from each class enrol themselves as Enviroclub members.

          Two faculty members from each department are also enrolled as Enviroclub teacher members.

          Activities of Enviroclub

          • Regular Awareness programmes are organised to mark important Environmental days through out the year.

                         June 5th – World Environment Day

                         September 15th – World Tree Day

                         October 1st week – Wild life week.

                         March 22nd – World water Day

                         April 22nd  – Earth Day

          • Environment related thoughts and facts are presented by each department during the college assembly.
          • Various Interdepartmental competitions, Seminars and workshops are organised to encourage students’ participation and to also give them an opportunity to showcase their talents.
          • Regular meetings are organised with the Enviroclub students, teachers and ground staff to discuss various issues.
          • Every department in the college is encouraged to maintain a green corner in their respective notice boards on current information related to the environment.
          • Every year our college participates in the International Coastal Cleanup Programme organized by the Coast guards and Tree foundation.
          • An annual event titled “Pragati” is organised every year which comprises a talk by a guest speaker, working in the field of Environment and intercollegiate competitions are also organised where students from other colleges enthusiastically participate and win prizes.
          • Tree plantations both in the college campus as well as outside the college are carried out on a regular basis.
          • Tree census of the trees in college has been done by the Department of Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology and a book on the same has been published.
          • A Vermicomposting unit is being maintained by the Enviroclub and the vermicompost harvested is being utilized for the plants in the college campus.
          • A Herbal garden is also maintained in the college campus which is taken care by the Herbal club (Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology)
          • Swachh Bharath Abhiyan is also practiced in the college every year.