Activities of Academic year 2015 – 2016

Enviroclub –Report (2015-2016)

On 15th September , the Enviroclub commemorated World tree day with the display of banners and posters in the College campus.

The Enviroclub students of our college participated in the International Coastal Cleanup  organized by Indian Coast guards & Roots and Shoots foundation at Marina Beach on 19th September 2015.

World wild life week was celebrated on 7th October 2015 with the screening of the movie “Truth about Tigers” by Shekar Dattatri followed by interdepartmental face painting and T- Shirt painting competition for the students of both forenoon and Afternoon session.

Herbal club organized a seminar on Medicinal Herbs and Biofuels and also had an exhibition of Herbal plants highlighting their medicinal values, on 6th February 2016. Dr.M.V.Viswanathan (Retd.Professor), Freelance Consultant in Organic farming and Herbal Garden, Chennai and Mrs. Romine San Francesco, Project Head of Samarpan Foundation delivered special lectures.

The department of Biochemistry displayed posters throughout the college campus on the need of conserving energy and saving the environment.

Students enthusiastically participated in the Junk art and Photography competition conducted by the department of Home science as part of the Enviroclub activities.

In the II Phase of naming the trees, on March 2nd 2016, about 35 Name boards of the trees in the college campus were fixed by the Principal, Vice – Principals (both forenoon and Afternoon) the Enviroclub co-ordinators and sub committee members and Enviroclub students. 

The greenery of the college was enhanced by planting many plants in pots and also in different areas of the college.

Environment related slogan boards were permanently fixed in the college campus to create an  awareness on the need to conserve the Environment.

Staff and students participating in the Coastal Cleanup at Marina beach (19th September 2015)

World Tree Day