“Nurture Nature, Save Future” is the motto of Enviroclub., The Enviroclub for the year 2019-2020 started with an active participation of fifteen students from each department among which one representative was selected from the final year.

World Environment Day 2019 was commemorated on July 17 on the theme “Air Pollution” with “Haris Sultan – Water Management, Arappor Iyakam” was the Guest of Honour. The event was very thought provoking and inspiring. On the same day a poster making competition was also held and judged by the Guest of Honour. .

On 22nd August, there was a group discussion on the green audit with the Principal, Vice Principals of both FN & AN sessions, the EC Co-ordinators, EC Subcommittee members, EC Teachers & EC Secretaries. The discussion was mainly about the Green audit to be conducted and the questionnaire related to that to be filled by all the departments and also matters related to the solid waste management & Energy Conservation.

On 23rd August, the EC Secretaries of FN & AN session planted two christmas trees around the flag post are in the college.

On 19th September 2019, a survey was conducted among the college students on the Single Use Plastic where the students came out with different ideas to reduce the use of single use of plastic in the college campus.

The Enviroclub students of our college actively participated in the International Coastal Cleanup which was held on September 21st 2019, at Elliots Beach, Besant Nagar.

Conservation of Wildlife was highlighted on November 28th by the AN session students by performing a Street play and Mime to especially with reference to conservation of Marine ecosystem.

On 19th December 2019 and 2nd January 2020, the Enviroclub members of both Forenoon and Afternoon session participated in the seed ball making activity and made around 900 seed balls and they were distributed to the students of the various departments.

Enviroclub organised a workshop on ‘Butterflies and its conservation’ on 14th February 2020. Dr.(Mrs.) Bavani Govindarajulu from Queen Mary’s college addressed the students and also took them on a butterfly walk within the campus and students could identify the different species of butterflies. It was a great enriching experience.

Many banners and placards were also displayed in the college campus highlighting Cleanliness & Greenery.

 On 27th February 2020, an online survey was conducted by the World Wide Fund for nature at our college on Single Time Use Plastic with the EC Co-ordinators, EC Representatives and EC Secretaries.

The Environmental Awareness Programme and Inter-Collegiate Competition “ PRAGATI 2020” with the theme “BIODIVERSITY” was organised by Enviroclub along with Yuva Shakthi Youth Welfare Association on 29th February, 2020 at the Golden Jubilee Seminar Hall with “Radha Sharma, Founder and Director of Earth Calling Expedition” as Chief Guest. The students from other colleges too participated enthusiastically in various events. A demonstration of the the Solid Waste Management in the Vermicomposting unit of our college was also condcuted to the students by the Yuva Shakthi team on the same day.

The Enviroclub constantly strives to enhance the greenery and cleanliness of the college with students support .