Activities of Academic year 2017 – 2018

Enviroclub –Report for College Day (2017-2018)

The year began with the commemoratation of World Environment Day in the College campus on 5th June 2017.

 Enviroclub students along with Enviroclub faculty members participated in the International Coastal cleanup campaign organized by Indian coast guards at Marina beach on September 2017.

 World wild Life week was celebrated on 20th October 2019 by conducting various competitions like Doodling & Junk Art for the students of both Forenoon and Afternoon session.

The Enviroclub students participated in the Lake Safari organized by Yuva shakthi and Environmental Foundation of India.

An Environmental Awareness Programme “Pragati 2018” was conducted by the Enviroclub. Ms. Shoba Menon from Nizhal foundation and Mr. Rama Narayanan from Environmental Foundation of India were the guest speakers.  Mr. D. Vijayabhaskaran was honoured by the Principal for his dedicated service in  Tree conservation.  Intercollegiate competitions were also conducted that day.

Principal Honouring Dr. D. Vijayabhaskaran (former Tree Warden) during Pragati 2018.

Prize winners from M.O.P Vaishnav college during Pragati 2018 with Enviroclub Co-ordinators and Sub committee members.