Activities of Academic year 2020-2021

Enviroclub –Report for College Day (2020-2021)

The Enviroclub started its activities for the academic year 2020-2021 during the lockdown period with a live webinar on 6th June 2021 to commemorate World Environment day. The programme was organised in Association With WWF India (World Wild Fund for Nature) on the topic “Role Of Youth In Urban Biodiversity And Its Conservation”. The guest speaker was Mr. S. Saravanan, Coordinator- Environment Education in World Wide Fund for Nature – India, Chennai. About 225 students and teachers of various institutions participated in the event. E- certificates were provided to all the participants.

 An Interdepartmental Competition titled Filózoos was conducted to Create awareness on World "Chimpanzee Day" and "Shark Awareness day" on 14th July for the students of both FN and AN session. The competitions conducted were E-Poster making and Meme creation. Around 80 students participated in the events and the best E-Poster and Meme Creation were given e-certificates.

 The Judges for the E-Poster making were Mrs. Shaistha Shabnum from the Dept of IDD (A.N session) and for the Meme creation was Dr. Lalitha Pasupathy, Assistant Professor. Dept.of English ( F.N. Session)

Winners of the Events (Forenoon Session )
Meme Creation

1st Prize - M. N. Ashika Balkis

2nd Prize - A. Reshma

3rd Prize - Shajitha Sifya. A

Digital Poster Making

1st prize - Nelofar Rahmathullah

2nd Prize - J. Tabassum

3rd Prize - A. Rizwana

Winner's of the Events (A.N. Session)
Meme Creation

1st Prize – S.R Saqhiba saiyeda

2nd Prize - Rasini.M

3rd Prize – Nandhini Sekar

Digital Poster Making

1st prize – Mariyam noor.k

2nd Prize - Sai shwetha.S

3rd Prize – Fathima fahmina Rifaya

 An Interdepartmental competition titled "Ochrona" was conducted to celebrate the World Wildlife Conservation week from Oct 2nd - Oct 8th for the students of both forenoon and afternoon session. The competitions conducted were Debate and Poetry writing competition. Around 70 students participated in the events. The winners were announced and appreciated with e- certificates.

 On 29th of July a virtual webinar was organised on the topic, Conservation of nature - Green(s) Entrepreneurship. The guest speaker was G.Sriram Prasad - CEO & Founder of Keerai Kadai. The webinar was conducted to Commemorate "World Nature Conservation Day". The speaker gave a very informative and interesting talk on how to Conserve Nature and also spoke about his Keerai Kadai venture. About 150 students and faculty participated in the webinar and e-certificates were provided to all the participants.

 The judges for the event debate, were Dr. Bhavani from Queen Mary’s College and Mr. Hafiz Khan from Communitree and the judges for poetry writing were Mrs. Fauzia Ahmed and Ms. Kalpana Chandhravadhani from the P.G & Research Department of Zoology, J.B.A.S College for Women ( Autonomous) Chennai.

Winners of the Events(F.N.Session)

1st Prize - Zoya Zainab - Rasmi Rafi

2nd Prize - Rajkumari - Hafsah

3rd Prize - Faaeza Riaz - Asma

Poetry Writing (English)

1st prize – Sheereen Farhana

2nd Prize - Fateena Subrin

3rd Prize – Zainab Choudhry

Poetry Writing (Tamil)

1st prize – Shajitha Banu

2nd Prize - Qayyom. N(A.N Session)

3rd Prize – Khathijatul Kubra. N

Winners of the Events(A.N.Session)

1st Prize Adhila. S - Nihaya. N

2nd Prize - Shahitha. M. S - Monisha. H

3rd Prize - Kiruthika Devi. U - Pooja Vishali. B

Poetry Writing (English)

1st prize –Thaiyaba Anjum. S

2nd Prize - Vandana Venkata

3rd Prize – Aafreen Jehan

On 15th of February, a poster making competition titled "Stop food loss and food waste. For the people, For the planet " was conducted as a part of Echo Project. Around 40 students were participated in the event.

The judges for the event were the Enviroclub Coordinators, Dr.S. Kaneez Fathima and Mrs. M. Parveen.

Winners of the Event (F.N. Session)

1st Prize -Nithya. V

2nd Prize -Sadiya Tabassum

3rd Prize - Nireeksha. P

Consolation prize- Kanishca

Winners of the Event (Afternoon Session)

1st Prize - Vaishnavi

2nd Prize - Shanmathi

3rd Prize - Fathima. A. T

Consolation prize - Truchiya Magesh

On 10th March, Plant saplings were distributed in collaboration with “Matram Seivom Foundation" as part of Women's day celebration. Around 1500 saplings were distributed to the students, Teachers and non teaching staff of both Forenoon and Afternoon session.

The Vermicompost unit was reset from 16th to 22nd March 2021. Mr. Nizamuddin from Granny’s organics helped in the setting up of the vermicompost units. The Vermicompost which was harvested was packed by the Enviroclub students under the guidance and supervision of the Enviroclub Coordinators. The students were also explained the process of setting up of a Vermicomposting unit. This made the students learn more about Vermiculture, the Vermicomposting process and its benefits.

On 19th March, two Sanitary napkin vending machines and two napkin destroyers were installed in the Main block and Diamond Jubilee block in the college campus. It was inaugurated by the Controller of Examinations, Dr. Mercy Rajashekar and Mrs. Firdouse Jahan , Vice Prinicipal of Afternoon Session along with the Principal.

The annual Enviroclub event , "Pragati ' 21" was celebrated on 1st April. The online eent conducted was, Designing/ Creating an Eco - Friendly product. Students of both Forenoon and Afternoon session, enthusiastically participated and showcased their talents in creating eco friendly products. Around 12 teams participated in the event and presented their eco products virtually. The judges of the event were Dr. Shahira Banu, HoD, Dept. Of Plant biology and Plant Biotechnology and Dr. Summera Rafiq, HoD, Dept. Of Microbiology. The best teams were appreciated with trophies and certificates.

Our college got the opportunity to participate in the ECHO Project under the theme of "Change the way we consume food", a National level competition conducted by the WWF. Our college was one among the four colleges selected from Tamil Nadu. The Enviroclub Coordinator DR. S. Kaneez Fathima , with the secretaries, formed a core team and the Enviroclub members joined as Volunteers for the project. The Project titled W. A. P (Walking into Antecedent Path) was designed to create awareness among the students and the public about the right way of consuming food with minimum wastage and also to eat healthy to maintain a healthy life. Many activities such as creating awareness about the food wastage through posters and banners and the main idea of the project was to make a Nutri Book ( which has nutritional values) which can help the food consumers in hotels to choose the right proportion of food, thus reducing the food wastage. This project can be used widely and is cost effective. The project commenced in the month of January 2021 and concluded in the month of April.

Inspite of the challenging times during the pandemic the Enviroclub activities for the year 2020-21 went on in a very organised manner with lot of informative and inspirational programmes..

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