Multi-Disciplinary Research and Consultancy Centre (MRCC)

The Academic Landscape in any field is ever evolving with new knowledge which is because of sustained research. The College strives to create a research culture that will help create inquisitive minds.

The College has established a Multi-Disciplinary Research and Consultancy Centre (MRCC) to further research activities in the College.

The major objectives of the MRCC are

  • Encourage staff and students to actively pursue research in search of new knowledge
  • Provide institutional assistance in undertaking quality research
  • Frame quality initiatives that will enhance the research culture of the institution
  • Assist Staff members to apply and take up socially relevant projects from various funding agencies.
  • Create meaningful collaborations at the National and International levels
  • Encourage staff to publish research papers in refereed journals with impact factor
  • Communicate information regarding procedures to be followed for applying to various grants, funding agencies and guideship
  • Create and maintain a Research Directory
  • Conduct Research oriented programmes periodically
  • Identify Consultancy avenues in different fields