Central Instrumentation Centre (CIC)

The Central Instrumentation Centre is a state of the art facility that helps interdisciplinary research possible. Equipment common to all science departments are housed at the Centre. The Centre is used by the Departments of Zoology, Biochemistry, Plant biology and Plant Biotechnology, Physics, Chemistry and Microbiology to carry out multi-disciplinary research studies.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Ion Analyser, UV Spectrophotometer, Semi-Auto Analyser, High Speed cooling Centrifuge, Trinocular pathological Microscopes, Stereozoom microscopes and Laminar flow bench are some of the equipment housed at the MRCC.

The CIC hosts workshops and Seminars for the faculty. The CIC is also used for hands-on-training sessions to students by the departments.

The Central Instrumentation Centre (CIC) also accepts samples from research scholars/ faculty from other institutions and corporate houses for testing using the above equipment. A nominal fee is charged for utilization of the equipment.