NAME : Capt. Dr. S.Indira, M.Sc., M.Sc (yoga). , M.PEd., M.Phil., P.hd., PGDYA
DESIGNATION : Director of Physical Education
DATE OF JOINING    : 05 / 01 /1994
DATE OF RETIREMENT : 05 / 05 / 2020
GUIDING EXPERIENCE : Since 2011 recognized as a Supervisor for guiding the Ph.D., Degree in Physical Education.

  • Academic Council Member- University of Madras.
  • Research Committee Member.
  • Doctoral Committee member in Periyar University and Dr. MGR Deemed University.
  • Chair Person in Technical Sessions – Tamil Nadu physical Education and Sports University.
  • Appointed as selection committee for recruitment of lectures in various colleges (physical education); Furnishing of vice-chancellors nominees and panel of subject experts.
  • Appointed as Commission Member to verify the infrastructural facilities available for starting B.Sc., physical education- Health education and sports.
  • PhD VIVA VOCE Examiner- Madras University and Tamil Nadu Physical Education, and Sports University.
  • Question Paper Setter Periyar University – Madras University, Dr. M.G.R. deemed University and Thiruvallur University.
  • Selection Committee Member in various games and sports.
  • Member Conduct of Annual sports day and JBAS sports festival.
  • Acting as a central valuation, appointment as examiner as Dr.M.G.R educational & research institute.
  • Served as team manager for inter zone and All India inter university for university of madras women teams like chess, table tennis, rowing, volleyball, tennis and athletics.
  • Served as a south zone (A Zone) convener for university tournaments and sport committee.
  • Served as an official in many tournaments and sports.
  • Served as a coach for the Ball Badminton, volleyball, Badminton Athletics, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and tennis.
  • Appointed as a question paper Setter for B.Sc / P.G Diploma / certificate course examination in Dr.M.G.R.Educational and Research Institute and Madras University.
  • Appointed as a Examiner to evaluate SDE M.Phil. Dissertation at Bharathiyar University.
  • Appointed as a Examiner to conduct Ph.D., public viva voice examination in the 2008.
  • Appointed as a practical Examiner at Queen Mary’s college and Y.M.C.A College of physical education.
  • Appointed as a board of studies member of the department of yoga in TNPESU and Madras University.
  • Actively participated in the 7th National Conference on “Sports Science and Physical Education” held at Punjabi university, Patiala.
  • Actively participated in the 3rd All India Physical Education Congress Conference held at Chennai
  • Actively participated UGC sponsored National Seminar on “the Effect of Physical Activities on College Students” organized by the Department of Physical Education at Kerala.
  • Actively participated in the International Conference on Technology Explosion- it is psycho-social Impact held at JBAS College, Chennai.
  • Actively participated in the international conference on Human science for next generation at JBAS College, Chennai.
  • Actively participated national workshop on research designs and related computerized statistical applications organized by Y.M.C.A. College of Physical Education.
  • Actively participated in the two days workshop on entrepreneurship training with a special Reference to women role at JBAS College, Chennai.
  • Actively participated in the UGC sponsored workshop on entrepreneurship skills development for women on 25th October 2007 organized by the Centre for Women’s Studies at JBAS College.
  • Actively participated in the national seminar on Multidimensional Futuristic approach to excellence in physical education and sports organized by Tamilnadu Physical Education and Sports University on 21st July at J.N. Stadium, Chennai.
  • Actively participated in the workshop on “Archeological discovery of opportunity in travel and tourism”.
  • Actively participated in National Seminar on “Multidimensional futuristic approach to excellence” in Physical Education and Sports.
  • Actively participated in the National Seminar on “Role of modern training in physical education and sports”.
  • Actively participated in the National Workshop on “Physiological Adaptations on training and nutrition” organized by the Department of Physiology and Biomechanics.
  • Actively participated in the National workshop on Emerging needs and application of biomechanics in sports and games
  • Actively participated in the National workshop on “Association of Indian Universities Sports organization”.
  • Actively participated in the National workshop on “Comprehensive approaches in the physical Education”.
  • Actively participated in the National workshop on “Track and Field”.
  • Actively participated in the workshop on “Beach Volleyball”.
  • Presented a paper on “stretching help in developing the fitness of an individual” in the International Conference on Physical Education and sports sciences held at Manipal.
  • Presented a paper on” Human science for the next generation” in the International Conference held at JBAS College for women, Chennai.
  • Presented a paper on “effect of suryanamskar on the rehabilitation of low back ache among hockey players” in the International Conference and exhibition on sports Technology organized by VIT University, at Vellore.
  • Presented a paper on “Yogic concept of Diet” in the International Conference and exhibition on modern Trends in Exercise Physiology and nutrition organized by Tamilnadu physical Education and Sports University.
  • Presented a paper on “how to drop weight and become Healthier” in the National Conference on role of sports Science and technology in Enhancing Sports Performance organized by Bharathidansan University at Trichy.
  • Presented a paper on “Comparative Effect if Fortilek and Continuous training on selection physical and physiological variables for long distance Runners” in the national conference on physical Education, sports and the art of wellbeing organized by Bishop Heber College at Trichy.
    : 10
    : 01 ( Yoga in your life.)
  • Assessment of Predictive Variables for Soccer playing Ability from selected skills, physical, physiological, Anthropometrical and Psychological factors for University and State Women soccer players.
  • Effect of selected yogic practices on selected psycho-physiological variables of working women.
  • Effect of Aerobic exercise and nutritional supplementation on iron deficiency in College women students.