Activities of Academic year 20120-21

The inauguration ceremony of Consumer Rights Association was held on 24th August 2020 on a virtual platform [zoom]. A webinar was organized with an aim to create awareness about Environmental Impact Assessment Act 2020 (EIA-2020) which is the current topic and the need of the hour to be noticed and discussed about. It was an excellent eye opening session by the esteemed Guest Speaker, Mr .Niraj Bhatt, Researcher, Civil Action Group. Nearly 250 people joined through zoom and also watched the program through the live streaming session on You tube channel of our college.




Webinar on the topic Environmental Impact Assessment Act 2020 (EIA-2020) conducted on 24th August 2020.The Guest speaker was Mr. Niraj Bhatt, Researcher, Civil Action Group,

The key points discussed in the session were, as to which industries requires this assessment and the subsequent clearance that is allotted to them, explaining about the impacts of EIA-2020, how EIA-2020 reduces opportunities for public participation by reducing the time window for public response to 2days from the existing 30 days and excluding a number of projects from public hearings. In a nutshell, according to his opinion, EIA 2020 is anti-people Act and experts say it’s a trick to regularize large scale environmental violations.

The World Consumer Rights day was celebrated on 15th March 2021 in our college campus. The esteemed guest of the day was Dr..Muhina Begum, Assistant Head of the Department of Commerce and Mrs. Shameem, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce. The new student members of CRA were appointed. After distribution of badges to the new office bearers, a special classical dance performance and a motivational song was arranged. A special lecture was delivered through zoom platform by Smithy Sharma, Policy Team Head, Amazon.





Virtual guest: Special lecture on the Tackling Plastic Pollution on March 15th 2021.The Guest speaker was Miss Smithy Sharma, Policy Team Head, Amazon.


The highlights of her lecture, were to avoid the use of plastic and she also explained how Amazon has eliminated the usage of plastic in their packaging and also gave a takeaway that each and every citizen should evade the plastic usage to keep their country healthy and recommendations were given on recycling of single use plastic and the usage of Eco -friendly bags.