Profile of the Department:

The department of Tamil was instituted in the year 1990. The department has been integral in imparting the foundation course in Tamil to the students. Apart from that the department is proud to inculcate an appreciation for the classical language through their Non-Major Elective course, Basic Tamil and Advanced Tamil. This ensures that no student leaves the portals of this institution without getting a flair for Tamil language. The Department of Tamil has seven well qualified and efficient faculty members who strive to bring about a classical language renaissance among the students.


To instill in young minds an appreciation for the classical language, Tamil and its ever-evolving nature. To facilitate an exploration in the rich literature and culture of Tamil from its glorious past to the dynamic present.


To ameliorate an all-round language skill.To identify and improve the oratorical/ public speaking skills and creative writing skills of the students. To expose students to the abounding literature of Tamil and to inculcate critical thinking.

Department Photographs: