Dr.Miss Fathima Bee headed the department of Tamil for a period of 11 years. (from 1990 to 2002) . Mrs.M.Munna was the next head followed by Ms.O.M.S.Ameer Hamsa Beevi and Mrs.M.Thanveez Fathima at Present . The Department of Tamil Comprises of seven well qualified and efficient faculty members.  The Department is headed by Mrs.M.Thanveez Fathima and ably assisted by her colleagues Mrs.K.Manimoli,Dr.V.Marlakodi,Dr.Amutha Ramalingam, Mrs.S.Hajira Farzana, S.Mumtaz Beevi & Dr.S.B . Saleema.



The Tamil Department reflects the institutions vision by inspiring the students to grow economically by ways of having legendary people in the associations seminars. Curriculam design ensured aspects employability in media Teaching field. Projects and seminars are done by the student based on the syllabus . The curriculam framed aims at imparting the current issues and modern trends in literature. The student are trained to write official letters that are essential in day to day transactions, they improve their global skill in the language and also to improve their employability.


  • To encouraged the students to publish, an article in Newspapers and journals.
  • To able to spread the knowledge of the language of the students by several programmes were conducted by the Department.
  • To develop the students skills make them to practice to write poetry, short stories and Articles.
  • The students motivated to attend the seminars and workshops.
  • To improve their talents by participating the cultural events organized by the Departments. And by participating in programmes the students shows their talents in the interdepartmental competitions and in intercollegiate competitions conducted by various colleges .
  • To improve their personality development , and team building from several programmes which are conducted by the Department.
  • Trained the students for jobs in journalism in future and in various media
  • To get wider knowledge growth in calculating the learning during the process of Activities participated and development of their various skills
  • To Make the students take part in the several folk dances programmes to develop their talents in future.
  • Bringing the interest among the students on sangam literature.


Highlights :
  • Literary Association : Eminent Speakers are invited for the Association Meetings .
  • Inter – Departmental Competitions
  • ssay
  • Poetry
  • Elocution
  • Drawing


Department Photos