In the year 1955, with the establishment of the college, Physics was introduced as one of the subjects at PUC level. Later Physics was offered as allied subjects to B.Sc., Chemistry in 1957 and for B.Sc., Mathematics in 1967.  A full-fledged B.Sc., Physics course was established in 1988 with the introduction of under graduate course in Physics.  The course in Physics was started with student strength of 24 in 1988 and gradually increased to a strength of 50 in the year 2003


  • To train and equip the Women students to become a professional science graduate.

  • To make them understand the basics of Physics and to carry it to the society in a simple and elegant way.



 •To create a scientific environment for the Women students to improve their knowledge in basic science.

•To establish a student friendly atmosphere to gain practical and theoretical skills based on each courses.

•To conduct interactive sessions frequently to allow sharing of knowledge within and outside the department.

•To make the students understand their responsibility as a science graduate and impart the knowledge to the society in a professional way.

•To guide the students to pursue their career in science and research.

•To make the students explore the methods of different learning and train them to organize events.

•To develop self-confidence and social responsibility in each student to face the society with power and excitement.



•Notice board Practice

Objective: To inculcate habit of reading everyday and creative writing. Students display creative articles, latest news and articles related to science and physics on the notice boards in the department and prizes are awarded to the best 3 displays every year.


•Title of the Practice: Physics Facts

Objectives of the Practice: To train students to collect interesting latest facts and information in Physics from books and through internet  

Practice: Physics fact presented during Assembly


•Title of the Practice: Intra departmental activities

Objectives of the Practice: To develop an inquiry mind on recent development in physics.

Practice: Every year competitions are conducted for I,II and III B.Sc.Physics Students.


Title of the Practice: Educational trip

Objectives of the Practice: To enable the students to visualize and study the working of various gadgets and functioning of industry.

Practice: Field visits, educational trip and industrial visits are arranged for students.


Title of the Practice: Academic diary

Objectives of the Practice: To help in planning and completing the syllabus on time and also maintain record of work

Practice: All teachers have well-planned Lecture Plans which are religiously followed through entries in Academic Diary


Title of the Practice: Use of Information Technology (ICT)

Objectives of the Practice: To encourage students to use technology based education.

Practice: The computer-aided learning is given the top priority. The use of LCDs and audio-visual aids in class-room teaching gives a glimpse of the virtual world. The internet connections are available in the department and library to enhance the scope of e-learning.

•Evidences of Success: The practices have had a positive impact on the students that has reflected in increase in the number opting for higher studies in the subsequent years.

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B.Sc. Physics





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