Faculty Projects Funded by Government and NGO’s
Name of Faculty (Principal Investigator) Name of the Funding Agency Title of the Project Sanctioned Order Sanctioned Date Amount Received (in Rupees) Link
Dr.V.Anuradha Associate Professor, Dept. of Zoology UGC Biology and Captive Breeding of Two Ornamental Fish Amphirion clarkii and Amphiprion periderion From The South East Coast Of India F.No.MRP3591/11(MRP/UGC- 2011 90,000 View Document
Mrs.D.A. ShahiraBanu Dept of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology UGC A Comparative Study And Further Investigation on Certain Herbal Drugs Useful for The Treatment of Jaundice F.MRP-3742 /11(MRP/UGC-SERO) 2011 1,50,000 View Document
Dr.Amtuz Zehra Assistant Professor, Dept. of Zoology UGC Heavy Metal Reduction Of Tannery And Dairy Effluent Using Goat Manure Waste GMW 3636/11(MRP/UGC-SERO) 2011 1,40,000 View Document
Dr.D.Mubeen Sultana Assistant Professor, Dept. of Zoology UGC Chromosomal Damage in Fish Tilapia mossambica Exposed to Titanium DioxideNanoparticles F.NO.MRP3635/11(MRP/UGC-SERO) 2011 1,50,000 View Document
Mrs.R.Hajira Banu Assistant Professor, Dept. of Zoology UGC Heavy Metal Accumulation In Plants (Vegetable in Plants and medicinal herbs) and soil with reference to Tannery effluent) F.MRP3931/11(MRP/UGC-SERO 2012 1,05,000 View Document
Dr. Dilaveez Rehana,Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry UGC Magnetic Nanoparticles: Synthesis Characterization and Biomedical applications - Minor Research Project F.MRP3984/11/(MRP/UGCSERO) July 2014 1,65,000 View Document
Dr. R. Amutha, Head, Dept. of Commerce UGC Green Marketing - Need of the Hour - Minor Research Project F.MRP 4152/12 (SERO)UGC June 2014 90,000 View Document
Mrs. Jeelani Begum, Dept. of Chemistry UGC Removal of Toxic Heavy Metals and Organic Pollutant TS from Sewage Water using Phytoremediation Technology - Minor Research Project F.MRP-5228/14 (SERO/UGC) March 2014 4,40,000 View Document
Dr. S. Indira, Physical Education UGC Effect of yogic practicles on selected physiological Haemotological, psychological and performance related variables among College women volleyball players - Minor Research Project F.MRP 5227/14 (SERO) UGC March 2014 2,60,000 View Document
Dr. Mrs. M. Gulsonbi Dept of Chemistry UGC Green synthesis of Sliver Nanoparticles, Characterization and Bio-Medical Applications F.MRP5229/14(SERO/UGC) 2014 4,40,000 View Document
Mrs. P. Mohammed Nisha, Dept. of Home Science UGC Development of Kitchen Composter - A Cost Effective Environmentally Sound Solution for Solid Waste Management - Minor Research Project F.MRP-5230/14 (MRP/UGC-SERO) November 2015 3,35,000 View Document
Dr. C.M. Noorjahan, Dept. of Zoology UGC Bioremediation of industrial effluent using microbes and enzymes, DNA sequencing and reutilization of bio treated water for Aquaculture and Agriculture - Major Research Project F.No.39-331/2010 (SR) September 2015 11,23,000 View Document
Dr. Ghousia Nisha, Dept. of Zoology UGC Bioremediation of phenol from Petrochemical Effluent using Microbial Consortium - Minor Research Project F.MRP-5865/15 (SERO/UGC) January 2015 3,12,500 View Document
Mrs. S. Meherunissa, Dept. of Psychology UGC Cognitive Enhancement of First Generation College students through Mindfulness Meditation - Minor Project F.No.4-4/2015-16 (MRP/ UGC-SERO) October 2016 1,50,000 View Document
Mrs. Kavitha Dhanaraj, Dept. of Psychology UGC Cognitive Behavioral Intervention to manage anger among women driving twowheeler in Chennai City - Minor Research Project F.No.4-4/ 2015-16 (MRP/UGC-SERO) October 2016 1,55,000 View Document
Dr. Mahjabeen/ Dr. Tasneem Kauser Dept of Home science Indian Council of Social Science Research Impact of Parental Negotiation, Social Media and Generational Change on the Psychosocial Well Being of Adolescents from Minority Communities F.No.02/450/2016-17/RP 2017 1,50,000 View Document