DEPARTMENT OF Electronics and Communication Science

Profile of the Department:

The field of Electronics is at the core of the rapidly expanding horizon of Science and Technology. As an integral part of human endeavour, the growth in this field has been so phenomenal and that has made the subject very important for the students. The Department of Electronic Science was established in 1996. The Department is proud to possess state-of-art laboratories facilities, well qualified faculty members and furnished class rooms. The library is well furnished with various books for references, magazines and journals. The aim of this course is to ensure that the science students are on par with the engineering students.

The department upholds a lively atmosphere and ensures that the course resonates with the changing environment and innovative teaching techniques. The subjects enhance the students’ knowledge in Hardware & Software architecture development of real time communications.


To train students effectively in the field of Electronics & Communication so as to match the industry expectation and promote self-discipline through hard work.


To develop a research-oriented mindset in the students who are strong in Electronics concepts and thereby infuse scientific temper and values in them and to augment the number of future ready employable graduates to meet the growing demands of the industry.

Programme Offered:





B. Sc




Sanctioned Strength:

UG: 35

  • MoU with FLORANIX manufacturers of electronic products.
  • MoU with GEMICATES LABS, dealer in professional design and manufacturing of Consumer Electronic.
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