The foundation course in Hindi introduced in the year 1990.Dr.(Mrs) Mumtaz, Head, Dept. of Hindi (FN college) took In-charge of the Dept. for a period of 2 years.Mrs.Meherunissa was In-charge of the Dept. for a period of 10 years(1992-2002).Dr.NazimParveen was the In-charge from 2002-2003.

Mrs.ShaziaFarhana was the Head & Assistant Professor from 2004 to  till June 2015.Dr.J.SheerinBanu was the Head of the Dept. from July 2015 to till date.



To actively assist in the revival of the rich tradition of Hindi.To impart higher education in Hindi.



 To develop mental, physical, spiritual and human values of the students.To promote the learning National language.To generate interest in learning Hindi language.To impart knowledge of  Hindi its literature and culture.



 Students are trained to speak Hindi fluently.Students develop positive, self-confidence, respect for all living beings and love towards the nation through the value based  poetry.Extra coaching is given to students who possess the ability to excel to produce rank holders.


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