The Department of French was established at the time of inception of the College in the year 1955. The department was headed by Mrs. Savithri Nair followed by Mrs. Jasmine Verma, Mrs. Fathima Niyas and Mrs. Shantha Kumari. Mrs. Vidya R. Rao head of the department for over 20 years, retired from service in the year 2005, serving the college for over 30 years. MS. T.P.Preetha was part-time lecturer for a period of three months from Dec-06 – Feb-06. Currently Ms. S. Malarvizhi is the Head of the department since August 2006.


  • To aid students in enhancing their French language skills which will give them a competitive edge and augment their career prospects, and broaden their perspective of a society different from their own.


  • To improve overall competency in French language by providing modern methods of learning and to give a glimpse of the western culture and broaden their perspective.


Course offered

      Part I – French  to the B.A, B.Sc and B.Com streams.

Photographs of the Department