DEPARTMENT OF Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology


In the year 1955, the Departments of Botany and Zoology were clubbed together as the Department of Biology. The Department of Botany was established as a separate department in 1965. In 2002, the Nomenclature of the Department changed from Botany to Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology. 

We are proud to place on record that the department has produced a number of University Rank holders and Gold Medalists. The department has been Organizing Seminars, Workshop and Medicinal Plant Exhibitions at National and State level.  Special Lecture Programmes are arranged with eminent persons regularly. The department also offers an Interdisciplinary Add –on- Course entitled “Herbal and Medicinal plants” from 2005 onwards. All the faculty members have published and presented papers at International, National, Regional level seminars and Conferences. The department maintains a Herbal Garden in the campus. The faculty members and students enthusiastically participated in the tree census programme with the Indian Forest Department. Every year educational trips and tour programmes are organized to study the environment and the flora in their natural habitat. The department accorded Star Department status under DBT star scheme from 2015 onwards. The Department also get financial support under College For Potential  for Excellence scheme.




To equip the women students Conserve and sustain utilization of Plant diversity with innovative research and learning through modern technology. To provide education of higher standard and to help students sensitize the need for a sustainable floral environment.


  • To develop individual talent, Interpersonal relationship, Ethics and to instill high moral standards through various programme of the Department.
  • To foster concern on the environment and plant diversity and conserve the depleting flora through ex-situ and in-situ conservations. To empower the students with the knowledge and skills taught and equip them to make this world a better place to live in.



The Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology, Department is focus on fundamental research and teaching on plant science especially on Medicinal plants.  Our Aim is to conduct Innovative and Basic research relevant to state, Nation and Globe. So that from 2018 onwards our faculty members conduct basic and applied research projects to the third year students and are assigned to do in groups. Team-based research approaches to learning are high effective. Research students in a group are mentored by faculty members in a class room to learn the techniques like phytochemical screening, anti-oxidant activity, anti-microbial activity, Plant Tissue culture etc.  These topics are investigated using such tools as Microscopy, computational biochemical and physiological approaches and field and laboratory experiments.

Our curriculum is aimed to special focus on Plant taxonomy and environmental studies.  Students often express little interest in plants. This challenge might be overcome by conducting many Inter class competitions in the name of “Campus Plant Identification” to create awareness about the scientific name of plant present in the college campus. Every year educational trip/tour is arranged for the student to collect and study the plant groups in their natural environment. Plant of the day and medicinal plant in the notice board are meant to know the scientific name and the therapeutic uses of the plant. Plant based tips in the notice board is meant to create awareness about the use of natural plant product to maintain the health and beauty of the face.


Programmes Offered