About Official College Alumnae Association

The aim of the Alumnae Association is to continue to add value to you the student by providing a secure means to communicate with long lost friends and connections to advance careers or kinder the friendship that was once selfless and pure.

We believe in Social networking but in a form that is secure and meaningful. We are striving to have information about every student, ever since the inception of this Institution, so that you may find people that you could never find in any other public social network.

We also like to make the best out of events such as Alumni Reunion  to inspire the upcoming generations by felicitating students who have reached great heights and have made an impact in this world.

Membership of the Association is open world wide, to anyone who has been a student of the College for one term or more; is serving or has served as the staff, visiting lecturers included.

The Alumnae are encouraged to enroll themselves as registered alumnae of the College by visiting the existing website

New Link for Alumnae website : The  link  to our Alumnae website is changed from to with effect from 9th July 2013.


The Alumnae Corner building was completed and declared open by the Chairman of the College, Mrs. Fathima Akhtar.

Mrs. Hannah Savitri David was the Alumnae Secretary for six years since 1972.

Members of the Alumnae Association :

 All  U.G., P.G. students and research scholars of our institution are the Alumnae members.

Objectives of the Association :

1.    To foster  a good relationship between our alumnae and the institution.

2.    To help our Alumnae connect with their batch mates and friends.

3.   To motivate our alumnae to contribute to the development of the College academically, financially and socially.

This Alumnae Association was revived in the year 2006 under the able leadership of the Correspondent Mr.Faizur Rahman Sayeed and  the Alumni Secretary, Dr. Mrs. Roshanara Begum, the then Head of the Department of Human Science. The Association conducts meetings and reunions on regular basis to reach out and establish contacts with its alumnae. The alumnae achievers are identified and felicitated. They are also invited to address the gathering  during Alumnae reunions. An elaborate programme is chalked out with entertainment and games followed by dinner.

Highlights of the Association :

       1. On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Southern India Education Trust and the Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women, the first volume of the “Alumni Achiever” book was brought out.    The book was the result of the vision and perseverance of the Alumni secretary, Dr.Roshanara Begum.

       2. Lifetime Professional Achievement Awards were instituted and about 20 of our Alumni Achievers from different walks of life were its recipients.

       3. Nearly 50% of our teaching faculty are our alumnae.

       4. Our Alumnnae are invited to be on the Board of Studies of our Departments and contribute to the framing of the syllabus.

       5. Our Alumnae who have achieved excellence in their respective fields of study are invited to inaugurate the association meetings of the College and to deliver guest lectures.

Organising Committee :

  • Mr.Faizur Rahman Sayeed, Correspondent
  • Dr.(Mrs.) Shanaz Ahamed, Principal
  • Dr.(Mrs.) Amthul Azeez, (Class of 1992), Vice Principal (F.N.)
  • Dr.Roshanara (Class of 1969) Secretary, Alumnae Association
  • Dr. Fathima Banu (Class of 1982) Joint Secretary I, Alumnae Association
  • Dr. Mahjabeen (Class of 1986), Joint Secretary II
  • Mrs. Matheena Fasi (Class of 1984) , Administrative Officer
  • Dr. S. Firdouse Jahan (Class of 1991) ,Treasurer, Alumnae Association
  • Mrs. B. Preethi ( Class of 2001) , Joint Secretary III
  • Mrs. S. I. Beema Jainab (Class of 1990), Joint Secretary IV
  • Dr. S.K.Jasmine Shahina (Class of 2001), Joint Secretary V
  • Mrs. S.Sahira (Class of 1996), Joint Secretary VI
  • Mrs.S.Shameem (Class of 1989), Joint Secretary VII
  • Mrs.Ummay Rubab (Class of 2000), Joint Secretary VIII
  • Mrs.Shakira Fathima.H (Class of 2002), Joint Secretary IX
  • Mrs.Khateja Nafeesa (Class of 1993), Joint Secretary X
  • Mrs.Kauser Sultana (Class of 2002), Joint Secretary XI
  • Mr. R. Selvam, F.C.A. Financial Consultant

Contact Us:  Room No. 209, Diamond Jubilee Block, Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women (Autonomous).


The next Alumnae Reunion is scheduled in July 2019. 

Alumnae Reunion 2018 

Alumnae Fun Fest – 2018 – Report:

                                                  To reminisce with my old friends,

                                                    A chance to share some memories,

                                                  And play our songs again

                                                                                        - Ricky Nelson

        The Annual Alumnae Reunion, this year was celebrated as the Alumnae Fun Fest 2018, on 15th July. It was one of the most memorable events with more than 600 alumnae ranging from the classes of 1960’s till 2018, were present on this momentuous occasion. It was a wonderful opportunity to catch a glimpse of the unforgettable days of their lives.      

         Sumaiya Fathima of III B.Sc Psychology began the Programme with an invocation and trasnslation of the verses from the Holy Quran. The Principal Dr. Shanaz Ahmed welcomed the gathering and introduced the chief guests of the day, Mrs.Aishwarya Manivannan, Designer, Artist, Educator and Silambam Practitioner, an alumna from the Department of Home Science. Aishwarya is a recipient of Gold and Silver medals and Individual Championships at the National Championship held in Malaysia in 2016 which has made our college proud.

      The special invitee of the day to be introduced to the gathering was Mrs.Thasneem Akbari, Senior Journalist – World life Magazine, an alumna from the Department of Home Science 2001 batch.  She was the President of the Student Council for the academic year 2000-2001.

      The annual Report of the Alumnae Association was delivered by Dr.Fathima Banu, Joint Secretary – I of the Alumnae Committee. She was happy to state that these Alumnae Reunions are important milestones in the progress of our institution, and said that 1000’s of our alumnae even if miles away are in contact with the institution through the internet, which has helped in reaching out to the far and near easily and in establishing contacts. She was proud to inform that there is a galaxy of Alumnae high achievers in the field of Medicine, Law, Media and Arts and that many of our Alumnae achievers are invited as judges and Chief guests in many conferences and workshops. She invited all the alumnae achievers to chat and upload photos of all their achievements. She also presented the highlights of the Alumnae Reunion 2017, organized on 15th July 2017. Mrs.Rehana Ameer, Councillor vintryward, UK was the guest of honour. Three distinguished Alumnae of our institution were felicitated. She was happy to inform that our alumnae generously contributed towards scholarships for the Education of our less fortunate sisters. She also recalled the WALKATHON organized by the Alumnae Association to create an awareness in the public about the Safety and Nurturing of the Girl child, in association with the Lions club Skyline, Chennai on 8th October 2017. She concluded her report by asking the alumnae to grab the wonderful offer of our Chairman to take up projects and participate in the development of the college and wished them Excellence in life.

       Mrs. Aishwarya Manivannan began her special address to the gathering by displaying a video of her Maisha Studio and a powerful Silambam performance, wearing a Handloom Saree to highlight the combination of tradition and Handloom Art.In her special address she thanked the institution for bringing back her memories. She was grateful to all the teaching faculty who taught her for whatever she is today. She was proud to say that the three years in JBAS were the most wonderful years of her life. The strength and perseverance she possessed today inspite of all the hurdles in her life was a gift bestowed by JBAS. She was glad to say that she had learnt the “Art of Living” from JBAS College. She advised the other Alumnae to be conscious about one another’s health, both physican and emotional. She urged the alumnae

Ø  To acquire new skills and

Ø  To learn different Arts

    She concluded her speech by thanking both the management and her teachers for playing a major role in her life.

   Mrs. Tasneem Akbari was nostalgic about her student days and thanked her teachers. She later, spoke on the importance of sisterhood – to compliment, trust , appreciate and to reach out to each other so that women can come out of all kinds of problems both at home and workplace.

   Mrs.Aishwarya Manivannan inaugurated the Funfest. Different stalls were put up to showcase the entrepreneur skills of the alumnae.






 Rang De – Mehendi                              

Ms.Mubeena Begum (2017)


Pressure Point – Acupressure            

Mrs.Jasmine Shahul (1998)



Go Green Bags- Cloth bags                    

Nisha (2016)



 Baked Items                                         

Nausheen (2018)



 Organic Food                                          

Varsha Nandan (2015)



Pat- a-cake & Fitness                               

Shrimathi (2000)



 Figure it Out  - Body fat  Analyser   

Ms.Aasiya Aslau (2016)

                                                                           Ms.Zabeeha Jarina(2016)

                                                                            Ms. Raees Fathima (2016)  



 Noor – e- chasmi organic cosmetics          


Mrs. Nandhini Gopinath


    Various games were also organized, wherein the Alumnae participated and won prizes for the same.

The list of Prize winners :









 Fill water

      1.Parveen.W (2001)

      2.Jeelani Begum (1998)

      3.Hari Priya (2015)


Hula Hoops

     1. Sri Priyanka Sai (2018)

2. Padmaja Gayathri (2018)

3. Swathi.K (2018)


Place a ring

     1. Subha(2018)

     2. Bharathi (2015)

     3. Nihal (2017)



     1.Zubaidunisha (1977)

     2.Naseera (2002)

     3.Alisha (2018)


          There was also an LED screen and a singing stage where the alumnae were given the liberty to choose any song of their choice and dedicate it to their Teachers/friends/Department. It was delightful to watch alumnae share their memories of their College days and their successful life later. Ms.Aditi Shanmugam of III B.A. Political Science, Ms.Sajitha Begum of III B.A.English, Ms.Peer Fasmin of III B.Com (C.S.) and Ms.Gowri of II B.Com (ISM) were the masters of the ceremony.

         It was indeed a happy occasion. Dr. Mehjabeen, member of the Alumnae Association proposed the vote of thanks and thanked all the members who had made the funfest a grand success. The programme culminated with the singing of the National Anthem. A sumptuous banquet was arranged for the Alumnae.     

Alumnae Reunion 2017

The Alumnae Reunion of Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women was held at the College auditorium on July 15, 2017. The meet was attended by more than 1000 alumnae of over six decades who graduated from the year 1960 to 2017. Some of them were visiting their alma mater for the first time since their graduation and naturally were thrilled to be back in the campus again.

Alumnae Achievers Felicitated in 2017

  1.   Mrs.Rehana Banu Ameer, Councillor, Vintry Ward, UK, and Entrepreneur was recognized and felicitated with the Distinguished Alumnae Achiever Award.
  2.             Mrs. M. Jayalakshmi, Retd. Sub Registrar, and a well known Tamil Poet received the Lifetime Professional Alumnae Achiever Award.
  3.            Kalaimamani Shobana Ramesh, Classical Dancer and Social Worker, was felicitated with the Alumnae Achiever Award.

      All the Achievers went down their memory lane and shared with the audience their experiences in the College and their lives.

           Mrs. Rehana Banu Ameer, Councillor, Vintry Ward, UK, who is an alumna of our institution, in her special address, shared her experiences as a student of JBAS. She also emphasized on the importance of uplifting women and spoke of her vision in life which is to achieve the unthinkable, to develop young women of our society, and to prove to themselves and the world what they are capable of. In highlighting her role as an alumna, she was happy to inform the College that she will initiate research projects and sector skill development between Indian and British Educational Institutions with a focus on empowering young women, contribute to the mentoring club. She also established  an endowment  to the outstanding students of the Department of Zoology, in the name of her parents as a tribute to them. She has initiated the scholarship by awarding three students from III BSc. Zoology, Shaziya Naaz, Ambreen Fathima and Salima.    

             Mrs.M. Jayalakshmi, a popular TV and Radio artist narrated her journey from S.I.E.T College to Government Service and spoke of her interest in Tamil literature. She urged the students to have a goal in life and work hard to pursue it so that they will be successful. She summed up her speech with a quotation in Tamil which states, “ Beauty is to be admired, Knowledge is to be shared, Mind is to think and Life is to be lived”.

              Mrs.Shobana Ramesh paid a tribute to  teachers and outlined their importance in the life of all students. She spoke of the children she adopted irrespective of religion and caste, and the service and reform she brought in engaging the people who have served  prison terms and given them a second chance in life. She also stated that she had  empowered more than 2500 women in the 220 self help units set up in Rajapalayam under the aegis of Bharati Foundation.

  The senior alumnae who attended the Alumnae Reunions regularly were felicitated.

 Dr. Mahjabeen presented the alumnae and Mr. Munir Hoda gave away  the mementoes.

  • Mrs.Amritavalli   (1965 from the Dept. of Chemistry).
  • Mrs. Shantabala   (1965, PUC )
  • Mrs. Nasreen Enayath    (1973-79, Dept. of English)
  • Mrs.Vanabala Padmanaban  (1972-76, Dept. of Commerce)
  • Mrs. Vijayalakshmi (1982-86, Dept. of Commerce).

Alumnae Reunion 2016

This year was a very special year for the College as we were honored with the presence of the Governor of Sarawak, Malaysia, His Excellency, Tun Pahan Sri Haji Abdul Mahmud, his wife, Madam Yang Amat Barba Hajiya To Paun Daatuk Pathangi, Hajjah Raaghat Kurdi Taib, the Honorable Speaker of Sarawak State Assembly, Honorable Daatuk Amar Haaji Mohammed Asfia Awang Nasar and Madam, Dato Haja Fathima Iskandar, Counsel General of Malaysia in Chennai, Mr.Ahmed Fajr Azam and his wife.

Alumnae Achievers Felicitated in 2016

Lifetime Professional Achievement Award

1. Mrs.Ampikavathy Thiagarajah, Head of Science, Real International School, Member of Real Education Group, Malaysia 

Alumnae Achiever Award

1. Mrs.Fathima Muzaffer, Political Activist, Educator and Social Worker

2. Dr.G.L.Sampoorna, Consultant Psycharist, Executive Director of Ashraya

3. Mrs. Priyamvada, Deputy Editor, NewsX 

Young Alumnae Achiever Award

1. Mrs.Sanobar Sultana, Radio Jockey

2. Ms.Aishwarya Manivannan, Designer, Educator and Silambam Practitioner.

The Governor of Sarawak, Malaysia, His Excellency, Tun Pahan Sri Haji Abdul Mahmud gave away the awards.

Alumnae Reunion 2015


 Alumnae were welcomed back to Justice Basheer Ahmed College for Women for the Annual Alumnae Re-union, this year celebrated as the Alumnae Fun Fest ’15, on the 8th of August.

  The Alumnae Fun Fest aimed at providing lots of fun for the alumnae  of  all  ages. The alumna ranging from the classes of 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000 till 2015 were all attracted to the Fun Fest, and there was a good response again this year. It was a wonderful chance to share memories with each other. The Fun Fest was a memorable event with more than 600 alumnae present on this occasion. The event began with registration from 4.00 p.m. onwards. The Student Council Members, the Majlis Members and the NSS Volunteers were there to help the Alumnae and make them feel at home. Our Alumna, Mrs.Kavitha Dhanraj, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology was the master of the Ceremony. She greeted the alumnae and informed them about the different events at the Fun Fest ’2015. Inaugural formally began at 4.30 p.m. Ms. I. Nishath of I.D.D. Dept. (A.N.) recited the verses from the Holy Quran which was followed by a translation by Ms. K. Kubra, of Commerce Dept. (A.N.)

 Our respected Chairman Janab Moosa Raza Saheb, inaugurated the Alumnae Fun Fest’15 and also released a bunch of Balloons on the occasion.

There were 11 games stalls which attracted the alumnae with novel and interesting games played for a minute. Many alumnae participated and  won  Prizes.There was also an L E D Screen and a singing stage where the alumnae were given the liberty to choose any song of their choice and dedicate it to their Teachers/Friends/Departments. It was delightful to watch alumnae share their memories of their College days and their successful life later. A Food Court was also organized for the benefit of the Alumnae. Lucky Draw was organized and five of the alumnae won the prizes.    The alumnae who were successful in the Games were also invited on stage and   were   awarded   Prizes. The Fun Fest’15 came to an end with a sumptuous Dinner. 

Alumnae Achievers Felicitated in 2014

Lifetime Professional Achievement Award

1. Mrs. Indra Subramanyam

2. Dr. Qudsia Gandhi, IAS (Rtd.)  

Distinguished Alumnae Achiever Award

1. Dr. R. Akthar Begum, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., (M.B.A).

2. Mrs. Azra Javed

3. Mrs. N. Bhuvaneshwari      

4. Dr. G. Rani 

Alumnae Achiever Award

1. A.S. Fathima Muzaffer      

2. Ms. Parveen Sikandar 

Young Alumnae Achiever Award

1. Mrs. Jayashree Anand

2. Major R.Sharmila      

Alumnae Achievers Felicitated in 2013

Lifetime Professional Achievement Award

     1. Ms. Shariffa A. Azeez (Correspondent and Director of Girl’s Institutions, Seethakathi Trust including the Crescent Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai)    

     2. Mrs. Uma Ramanan (Famous singer)

     3. Mrs. S. Dhivija Kumari, (Secretary, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee)

Distinguished Alumnae Achiever Award

     4. Dr. Hemalatha Nagarajan (Head, Dept. of Linguistics and Contemporary Literature, EFL University Hyderabad)

     5. Mrs. K. Kanmani (Deputy Director, Directorate of Social Welfare, Govt. of Tamil Nadu)

Alumnae Achiever Award

     6. Mrs. Sarika Pradhan (Joint Secretary, Rural Management Development Department, Government of Sikkim)

     7. Dr. S. Thenmozi (Associate Professor, University of Madras, I.D.E.)

     8. Dr. Kalyani Suresh (Assistant Professor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore)

Young Alumnae Achiever Award

      9. Dr. M. Katheeja Parveen  (Lecturer, B.S.Abdur Rahman University)

     10. Dr. T.S. Subha  (Head, Dept. of Botany, Bharathi Women’s College)

     11. Dr. Nithya Poornima (Lecturer, Sampoorna Montford College, Bangalore) 

Alumnae Achievers Felicitated in 2012

1.    Mrs. V.M. Supriyaa (Classical Dancer)

2.    Dr. Anitha Mabel ( Head, Research, NIIFT)

3.    Dr. Athiya Agarwal ( Director of Agarwal’s Eye Hospital & Secretary General of Eye Research Centre)

4.    Mrs. Indirani Rajadurai ( Founder of Help Age India)

5.    Mrs. Usha Natarajan ( Founder of Spastic Society)

6.    Mrs. Rajalakshmi ( Advocate MLA Mylapore Constituency)

7.    Mrs. Dawoodammal ( District Munsif Polur, Thiruvannamalai District)

8.    Dr. Seethlakshmi ( Principal i/c, Queen Mary’s College)

Alumnae Achievers Felicitated in 2011

1.    Mrs. Qamarunnisa Anwar (Former Chair Person Women’s Development Corporation, Council, Kerala)

2.    Dr. Mary Easaw (Senior Manger Dietetics and Food Serives, National Heart Institute, Kualalumpur, Malaysia)

3.    Ms. Sathya Priya ( DGP Law and Order, Mylapore)

4.    Dr. (Ms.) Qudsia Gandhi I.A.S. ( Chair Person & Managing Director, TN Power Finance

5.    Ms. Mariam Farzhana Sadhi I.A.S. ( Assistant Collector, Dharmapuri)

6.    Dr. (Mrs.) Surrya Vijayaraghavan ( Dr Siyaaram Academy Centre for Children)

7.    Dr. (Mrs.) Shivagami Sivakumar (COE, JBAS College, Chennai )

8.    Dr. (Mrs) Sabira Nizamuddin ( Head, Human Science, JBAS College, Chennai)

In the year 2012, the Alumnae Organising Committee resolved to expand the existing single category award “Lifetime Professional Achievement Award” into the following four categories.

1.    Young Alumni Achievers Award

2.    Alumni Achievers Award

3.    Distinguished Alumni Achievers Award

4.    Lifetime Professional Achievement Award.

Alumnae Achievers Felicitated in 2010

1.  Dr. Latha Pillai  (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indira Gandhi Open University, New Delhi.)

2.  Ms. Sivasankari ( Eminent Tamil writer)

3.  Mrs. Bhuvana Natrajan   (Tamil writer)

4.  Mrs. Sumathi Narayanan

5.  Mrs. Rema Kumar