Since its humble beginnings in 1955, the department of Psychology has successfully grown by leaps and bounds along with the college.  From a pre-university course to introduction of the graduate and post-graduate course in 1965 and 1976, the department today has empowered more than 2500 graduates and 800 in the post graduate level. The M.Phil. and the Doctoral programs of the department established in 1995 and 2000 respectively have fulfilled the ambitions of many women for more than two decades.  Most students are now serving the society through significant contributions towards mental health and behavioural sciences from a platform of strong principles, ethics, values, empathy and compassion.

The department takes pride in its unique and rich contribution to research through a systematic and scientific approach as part of the Doctoral and M.Phil. programs.  Enrichment and enhancement of knowledge are woven into the curriculum by providing a deeper knowledge of current practices and facilitating critical thinking along with meeting various challenges in the workplace.

Besides high academic standards, the department aims to develop knowledge of human behaviour across the broad areas of psychological counselling, human resource management and clinical psychology. The faculty also strive towards exposing students to hands-on, real-life situations in the field of mental health and counselling. With value added courses, the study of psychology is leading students to tangible careers in mental health services, human resource management and research.


Vision :

To train and empower women to be responsible citizens, serving the society through significant contributions towards mental health and behavioural sciences from a platform of strong principles, ethics, values, love and compassion.


Mission :


  • To produce a conducive environment to assist young women to work to their highest potential through self recognition, dignity and academic excellence.
  • To enable women to be dynamic and self reliant with a strong understanding of mental health and behavioural sciences.
  • To help young students recognize their strengths, to develop into successful psychologists, counselors and researchers.
  • To prepare young women to contribute to the betterment of society and compete in a rapidly advancing and complex workplace.




  • World Mental Health Day is celebrated in the department every year on Oct.10th where students are encouraged to participate in rally, walks and events conducted by various institutions and organizations. Also, awareness program are conducted in the college by the students of the department by supplying flyers, posters and addressing in Public Address system.
  • Free workshops and seminars are conducted for X, XII, XII students of schools on topics like handing exam anxiety and relaxation techniques, study skills, memory techniques to manage their anxiety level for studying efficiently and face exams with ease.
  • Short documentaries, Clipping of movies narrating mental illness, role plays are shown to students while the respective topics are handled in class. This is to enhance the knowledge and portrayal of mental illness in media and its taboo.


Programmes Offered





B.Sc. Psychology

M.Sc. Applied Psychology

M.Phil  Applied Psychology


Ph. D - Psychology


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