Nutrition, FSM and Dietetics

The Department of Home Science was started in the year 1955. The branch Nutrition, FSM and Dietetics commenced in the year 1974. The programme on Nutrition, FSM and Dietetics possesses general training in education, prevention & healing. Their knowledge in the areas of vital hygiene, health education and nutrition enables them to administer effective therapy in relation to nutrition. The students are able to perform a complete nutritional assessment and apply the appropriate dietetic approaches. The primary objective of this course is to introduce the fundamental concepts of nutrition by exploring current nutritional issues of relevance in their lives. Students are prepared for the wide range of careers as health educators, researchers, personal trainers, public health planners and more.


Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

The Vocational subject “Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics” was introduced in the B.Sc. Home Science Department in the Day College in the year 2002. The programme enables the students to update their knowledge in Clinical Nutrition and develop key skills in translational research relevant to the hospital and community setting. The programme examines the metabolic demands on nutrients in acute and chronic illnesses. A critical evaluation will be made of recent advances in specific nutrition therapies for each disease category, incorporating clinical case studies. It is designed to facilitate an understanding of the processes that underlie methods of artificical nutrition support. Students are prepared for a wide range of careers as health educators, researchers, personal trainers, public health planners and more. The dietetic internship programme fulfills the internship requirement.

This course is intended to provide a thorough grounding in all aspects of Clinical Nutrition.


Interior Design & Decor

The branch titled INTERIOR DECORATION under the umbrella of HUMAN SCIENCE (formerly HOME SCIENCE) commenced in the year 1973. The aim of the course was to equip the students with a rudimentary knowledge of Home Décor and to create a harmonious life space for the family.

Today, the department and the course have traversed a long way and has grown in proportion to become a specialized subject titled INTERIOR DESIGN AND DÉCOR. The course concentrates on equipping the students with a sound knowledge in Design Principles, Furniture Design, Building Science, Auto cad, Furnishing Fabrics, Basic Knowledge in Textiles, Various Crafts, Painting and Sculptures, Human Development, Basic Computers and Space Planning required for a home. This enables students to go out as confident Interior Designers, a much demanded profession today.

The students are continuously encouraged to be creative and annually showcase their works through exhibitions.


M.Sc. Child Development and Child Nutrition

The post graduate course on Child Development and Family Relations was introduced in 1973, as a specialized branch of Department of Home Science. Subsequently in August 1986, M.Phil degree programme on Child development and Family relations was introduced. In 1989 the Department of Home Science was given recognition to conduct research leading to Ph.D. in Child Development.

 M.Sc. Textile Science and Fashion Designing

The M.Sc. course in Textiles and Clothing was introduced in July 1961. Since June 2004, the nomenclature has been changed to M.Sc. Textile Science and Fashion Designing. The Post Graduate Branch of Textile Science and Fashion Designing of the Department of Postgraduate Studies and Research in Human science have conducted several workshops, inter-collegiate competitions, exhibitions and educational tours and field visits. 

The department also offers M.Phil. (full-time) course in Textiles and Clothing since 1986. In the Golden Jubilee Year 2005, the department introduced the Add-On-Course in Textile Designing, Dyeing, Printing and Entrepreneurship



To make the students socially and economically independent by enhancing their entrepreneurial skills. To make the department completely research oriented, when all the staff will become research guides up to the PhD level.



To give first hand information relevant to the subjects and continue to inspire students to think out of the box.


  • The Department of Home Science is one of the oldest departments of the college which came into existence right from the inception of the college.
  • It is the only department in the college with 5 courses (3 UG courses and 2 PG courses) and M.Phil & PhD under its umbrella.
  • The department publishes a Journal with ISSN No. – Journal of Research Studies in Home Science.
  • To add to its credits, Home Science Association started a Newsletter titled “HOME SCIENCE IN CONFLUENCE” in the year 2018-19 which showcases the writing skills of students of the department.
  • Aura Club, Nutri Club, Aahar Club – three clubs are actively functional in the department.
  • The department has been a pioneer in offering extension services to various segments of the population
  • The department also offers three Add-on courses and two Value-added courses for the Undergraduate students.


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Nutrition, FSM & Dietetics

Child Development and Child Nutrition

Human Development & Family Studies

Home Science

Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Textile Science & Fashion Designing

Textile & Clothing


Interior Design & Decor





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