The department of Chemistry started in 1955 with the establishment of our college. The UG course was started in 1957 with Ms.C.Sarojini and later with Ms.Susan George as the head of the department. The department has received financial assistance under FIST of DST and STAR college scheme of DBT strengthening the department. The department has produced more than 7000 chemistry graduates. Many of them are working in high positions in different fields as professors, scientists and chemists.


To enlighten the spirit of female students from educationally and economically backward communities to pursue higher education.

To create the bond of excellence so that they develop a better understanding of chemistry and to cope with the society thereby face the challenges and needs at global level through our dedicated team.


To strive for the development of skills of the students at the college level within the frame work of religion and moral values.

To educate the growing generation not only to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and also be informed about recent advancement in chemistry.

To deliver ICT based education so as to compete with technological era.

To encourage them in performing research work in an eco friendly environment through group projects for career advancement.

To mould the students as better achievers at National and International level.


The department is one of the oldest departments of college with dedicated staff members

Star college status is given to the department by DBT

The ratio of no. of Ph.D to the total no. of staff is 55%

The staff members have carried out a total of 5 research projects funded by UGC and the management to a amount of Rs. 10,25,000/

The department is well equipped with facilities like Fume chamber, Muffle furnace, Absorption spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, pH meter, Conductivity meter, Polarimeter etc..

Introduction of Microscale experiments in chemistry renders reduced usage of chemicals and their safe disposal from the lab

Our department motto is “Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success” and work towards achieving this motto.

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B.Sc, Chemistry





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