Young Entrepreneurs Forum (YEF)

        The Young Entrepreneurs Forum was formed in the year 2012 to kindle innovative ideas among students and promote startups.


  • To equip the students with requisite entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and competitiveness.
  • To conduct workshop on entrepreneur awareness.
  • To impart skills and behavioural training for problem solving and communication.
  • Identify the business opportunities.
  • Small business management.
  • Create and support potential entrepreneurs within campus


  • The Young Entrepreneur forum serves as a platform to all the budding entrepreneurs both from Arts and Science stream.
  • The YEF chart comprises of Coordinator , Co-coordinator and Treasurer selected from the Department of Commerce and the other Members of the YEF are from other departments.
  • The Students council for YEF comprises of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint -Secretary, Treasurer and Member Coordinators selected by the Panel of the forum.
  • The students from Arts and Science stream are the members of YEF.
  • Hands on training is provided by a skilled and professional Resource person.
  • The activities are organized based on the need of the hour.
  • The financial requirement for carrying out the activities are prepared in consultation with the members along with the estimate is submitted to the management for its approval and sanction.
  • Activities Organised and funded by the Government Authorities is Subject to permission from management.
  • The activities of YEF is funded under UGC grant.


  • Every activity has to be planned and decided much ahead by the team of faculty members depending on the need and availability of Resource Person.
  • Requisition for funds is made 15 days prior to the management through written communication.
  • Approval for the activities is sought to make necessary arrangements.
  • The submission of bills with justification has to be submitted with in 10 days from the date of completion of activity.


Highlights of the activities for the past Six years are as given below: