Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women

Autonomous, Chennai - 600018


Capability Enhancement Programme Policy and Procedures

Introduction: The Institution believes that all the stakeholders should benefit by the schemes introduced. The main focus is given for core stakeholders -students.

Purpose of the Policy: To enhance/groom the essential skills of the students

Objective of the Policy: The main objective of this policy is to design programmes which are essential and to enhance the skills for all the enrolled students.

Capability Enhancement/ Capacity Building Programme

  • - The institution structures the capability building schemes/ programmes in such a way that maximum number of students get benefitted by the programmes offered.

  • - Most of the capability building programmes offered in the institution are sponsored/ funded by the Management to enhance the skills of the students.

  • - The modules of programmes are formulated according to the target students to focus their holistic development.

  • - Soft skills, Bridge course, communication skills, language lab, aptitude skills, yoga, physical fitness, health awareness and wellness programmes are offered to a maximum number of students along with their regular course and technical skills extended to the interested and eligible students.


Bridge Course


Soft skills


Language Lab


Remedial Class


Catch them Young Scheme modules


Physical Fitness