TheHonours Club organized a weeklong celebration of critical creativity titled“Creative Cognizance” from 15th March to 19th March,2021. The 1st day of CreativeCognizance titled ‘Bookistry’ dedicated to the competition of Book Reviewwitnessed 29 budding speakers and critics of JBAS College for Women competeagainst each other in the battle of analytical reading, criticism and literaryevaluation. A wide variety of books, from classic Tamil tales to contemporaryAmerican fiction were chosen by the students. The reviews were thoughtprovoking and were able to shed new light on popular literary works. On 16thMarch ‘Ad’tractive’, was dedicated to the Critique of Ad Films. Participantscontested against each other showing in-depth observation, rhetorical analysisand presentation skills.

Thecompetition on the 17th March 2021 was ‘Frontstage’, a competitionof Short Film Appreciation. 27 student critics of JBAS College for Womencompeted against each other in the battle of observation, analysis andconstructive criticism. ‘Featuristic’ a critique of  Documentary films witnessed 27 budding speakersand critics of JBAS College for Women compete against each other in the battleof research, evaluation and critical presentation. On 19th March2021, competition of Oratorical Exegesis witnessed 23 budding speakers andcritics of JBAS College for Women compete against each other in the battle oforatorical skills, public address techniques and textual and visual analysis ofa speech. Eminent personalities from various walks of life were invited asjudges for the competitions. The feedback and professional guidance offered bythe judges were welcomed by the students wholeheartedly. 

Underthe banner of The Honours Club the Department of Tamil of the afternoon sessionconducted an online speech competition in March 2021. Dr. M. Jafar Saadiq Ali,Professor, Writer and orator from The New College adjudged the competition. Thetopic of the speech competition was “Difficulties of Online Education”. 14students actively participated in the competition. The judge gave his commentsand feedback on the performance of the students. He also gave an enlighteningtalk about the need to change with the changing times. The winners wereannounced and prizes and certificates were distributed.

TheDepartment of English Afternoon Session in collaboration with the Honours Clubconducted interactive Webinar on “Honing the 21st Century Skills” for theundergraduate students of the college on 22nd of April 2021. The virtual meetwas conducted through Cisco Webex platform. Masilla Esther, AssistantProfessor, School of Human Excellence, Loyola College, Chennai was the resourceperson for the day. The session had series of ideas presented to the studentsabout the requirement and enhancement of additional technical and communicationskills in the present century. It instigated the critical thinking ability ofthe students and the students were trained to interpret an idea or a concept atdifferent levels. Many students interacted and participated in the onlinelearning platform –Kahoot.