Activities of Academic year 2014-2015

The Year 2014-2015 has been a yet another eventful year for the Entrepreneurship Development cell and it started with a grand celebration of its inauguration on the 12th, December, 2014.

An eminent and distinguished personality in the business world Dr. (Mrs) Sucharita Kumar was invited to preside over the function. In her inaugural address she covered various aspects of entrepreneurship eloquently and extensively and enlightened the audience on how to accomplish success in the field. She threw light on the like hood of encountering stumbling blocks and elaborately dealt with the methods and guidance to overcome such obstacles.

The proceedings of the inauguration were well received and proved to be highly beneficial to the aspiring youngsters.


As a next step in the direction of Entrepreneurship Development, the forum organized and conducted a seminar in order to enthuse and encourage the students of commerce to venture in the field and become budding entrepreneurs.

A learned and celebrated personality Dr. Kabaly P. Subramaniam who is hailed as an authority on the subject of entrepreneurship is the faculty of Arab Open University in the sultanate of Oman was invited as the Chief Guest.

In his speech he elaborately dealt with the topics of entrepreneurship and shared his profound knowledge and experience. He also gave very valuable guidelines quoting several instances of success stories of individuals who dared to venture upon new and innovative projects and achieved success. Needless to say his presence and speech served as an impetus to the youngsters who derived inspiration and encouragement in good measure.


Having derived the inspiration from illustrious personalities from, the forum was eager to do some innovative exercises. As a result, they organized the “COLLEGE BAZAAR” wherein outside agencies such as ‘Self Help Groups’ (mainly Women Entrepreneurs) were persuaded to set up their stalls and perform sale of their wares. This was held as a two day programme on 21st and 22nd of January, 2015. The forum was assisted in their attempt by an NGO called Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women, Chennai.

The bazaar was inaugurated by our esteemed Principal Dr.(Mrs) Shahnaz Ahmed. Tmt S.Snekalatha, Project Officer Mahalir Thittam, Chennai extended all cooperation for this effort and made it a grand success.

It is to be seen to believe the congenial atmosphere and how this occasion served as a great joy and all people, students, and outsiders alike interacted enthusiastically and made the bazaar a memorable event.


In order to find out and assess the response and grasp of the intricacies of the entrepreneurship by the students, NGO TIPS was held on 25th Febuary,2015 neccessitated to hold a competition and the topic was coined as “TIPS” which is an abbreviation of


The students showed overwhelming enthusiasm and participated in good number. The event was held separately for Undergraduates and Postgraduates.

The undergraduates were examined with the three following topics:

  1. “Best out of waste”
  2. “Logo Designing an Slogan Writing”
  3. “T-Shirt Painting”

There was a lively response for the above competitions and prizes were won by the U.G students as mentioned as under

  1. “Best out of waste”- First Prize Miss Anjum Kausar from the Department of English.
  2. “Logo Designing and Slogan Writing”- First Prize- Miss Sowrath Fathima from Department of Commerce.
  3. “T-Shirt Painting” – First prize Miss Iffath Fathima from the Department of Commerce.

Post graduates students were given the following topics for the competition:-

  1. “Best out of waste”
  2. “Hand made products”
  3. “Pricing the Product”