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Mr. Santhanarajan, Director, CONCERT addressed and interacting with the students on Consumer Protection Act and Consumer Awareness.

The prestigious Department of Commerce was started in our college during the year 1971, and our college was the first women’s college affiliated to the University of Madras to start B Com course. Thanks to the noble mission of our beloved founder Janab Hajee Basheer Ahmed Sayeed Saheb and his life partner Janab Hajani Akthar Begum Saheba. So far 42 batches of candidates have obtained B Com degree through our college. PG course, M Com was started during the year 1986 and our college had sent 28 batches of M Com candidates, and the department is proud to have obtained affiliation for M Phil during the academic year 2005-2006. Out of fourteen staff members of our department five staff members possess Ph D degree and fourteen staff members possess M Phil degree and ten staff members are eligible to guide M Phil candidates. 

Our department is recognized for part time Ph D programme and there are one eligible guide for part time Ph D. The department has been maintaining good result throughout, especially during the last five years. It had maintained a record of more than 95% result. Consequent on our college obtaining autonomous status the department enjoys freedom of framing its syllabus in tune with the demands of the changing trends.

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  • The Department won the first in Marchpast and the overall Second place in the Annual Sports Meet 2013-14
  • M.Raghavi of III B.Com has won several prizes in swimming at International and National level.



  • The department wishes to place a record that 37 students got placed in reputed corporate entities to name a few SECRO, TCS, AMP Technology, HCL, etc.
  • The department conducted a workshop on “Placement skills”, 7th January 2014 Mrs. Padmaja, Chief Consultant “Victory insights” focused on enhancing the employability skills of the student.Entrepreneurship Development Report


The Inaugural function of the Commerce Association was held in the month of August 2007.Mr.K.Ramesh, Advocate, Chennai presided over the function. He delivered a lecture on “Entrepreneurship Skills for Women” which was highly motivating to the students. The year had been a year full of activities for Staff and students.

On 10th March 2008,a Workshop on “Women Entrepreneurs” was convened. The Resource Person was Mrs. K Saraswathi, Director, Tanstia-Fns, and Chennai. There was good interaction by the students. Under the auspices of the Workshop an Intercollegiate Debating Competition  “ Women Entrepreneurs had already made a mark as successful entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu “ was held. The I Prize was won by the team-Ms.Prithy.A.and Ms.Mariam Kamaludin, B.Com students of Ethiraj College foe Women (Day), Chennai and Mrs.Meenakshi Thiagarajan Rolling Trophy was awarded to them. II Prize was won by the team –Ms.Shilpa Narayanan and Ms.S.Nandhini, B.Com students of Stella Maris College Chennai Two more competitions (Inter-Class) were also held on the same day. In Product Designing Competition Ms.Shakina III B.Com won the Prize and in Launching a New Product Competition Ms.R.Ramya III B.Com won the Prize.

On 11th March A Workshop on “ Stock Broking “ was held. The Resource Person was Mr.Harikrishnan.M.B.A. Faculty, ICA, Chennai. A vivid demonstration on Stock Broking was given by him, followed by a Competition, Stock Wars for the PG students of our department.

The winners were:

1. Ms.G.Rekha

2. Ms.S.Yamuna Devi

3. Ms.R.Swapna

4. Ms.R.Subasupriya

5. Ms.S.Mohanapriya


On 28.10.2011 a Seminar on Entrepreneurship was convened. Mr. Vijayakumar, I.N.D.I.A. Trust, addressed our students on “Entrepreneurship.  A workshop was arranged on “Block Printing” Mrs. Latha, Ooviyas School of Fine Arts Chennai was the resource person.  On 3.1.12 another workshop was organised and she trained the students on Gift Articles making.

On 18.1.12 an International Symposium on ‘Women Entrepreneurs’.  Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, Additional Director, TFSC was the Chief Guest.  Dr. (Mrs.) Amy Mowl, IFMR, Dr. (Mrs.) Lakshmikumari, IFMR, Mr. Ramamoorthy FCA and Mr. Subburaj, MSME-DI were the resoruce persons.

In the month of September 2012 Mrs. Tabassum, Style Consultant inaugurated the ED Cell for the academic year 2012-2013.

Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum of our college was inaugurated in our college on 17th February 2011 by Mr. Hemalatha, Managing Director, Sree Vishnu Magnetics Pvt Ltd, Chennai.  

On the same day a seminar on Entrepreneurship was convened.  Mrs. Sasikala, Senior Manager, Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd. Gave a lecture on ‘How to become an entrepreneur’ and Mrs. Kripa, Assisant Manager, Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd., addressed our students on the topic ‘Financing Schemes for Entrepreneurs”.

On 12.9.2011 Mr. Ashokan, Assistant Directot, MSME-DI, Chennai conducted on Awareness Programme, and inaugurated ED Cell for the academic year 2011-2012.


Consumer Rightsd Association was inaugurated on 19.1.2010 by the then Commissioner of the Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Mr. Rajaraman.  Our Chairman Mr. Moosa Raja, Correspondent Mr. Faizur Rehman were also present.  The objectives of the associtaion are:1. Create wareness amongst the students on responsibilities and rights of consumers.2. Educate students on sustainable consumption.3. Create awareness on identifying adultered products.4. Conduct seminars and workshops on Consumer Vission.5. Collaborate with Directorate of Consumer Protection and other institutions.

After inaugurating the association, Mr. Rajaraman gave an inspiring speech on sustainable consumsption.  The consumer cell is actively invovlved in creating awarenss among the students.

On 15.3.2010 the association organised a meeting to commemorate ‘World Consumer Rights Day’.  Apart from the financial support given by our management, the department of civil supplies also had sanctioned a sum of Rs.2000 in Feb. 2010 for carrying out the activities of this association.


On 22.11.2010 Mr. Santhanarajan, Director, CONCERT made an interesting presentation to the students on ‘Identification of Adjulteration in food products’ followe dby a demonstration on 30.11.2010.

A competition on the topic ‘Best out of Waste’ was held on 22.11.2010.  Many students participated and exhibited their talens.  The competition was judged by Mr. Santhanarajan.  The first prize was won by the team comprising of Ragavee S, III B.Com & Sumrana Akthan III B.Com and the second prize by the Taranum Ara III B.Com & Sujitha III B.Com.


On 24th Jan 2011, Mr. Umapathy, President, Madras Metropolitan Consumers Protection Centre addressed the students on the topic ‘Consumer Rights’ and on 14.2.2011 Mr. Murugan K, Advocate, Madras High Court enlightened our students on ‘Consumerism’.


Mr. Santhanarajan addressed our students on Responsibilities of Consumers and on sustainable consumption on 16.3.2011.

The activities of the consumer rights assocaition for the academic year 2011-2012 were inaugurated by Ms. Nirmala Desikan, Trustee, Consumer Assocaition of India on 14.9.2011.  She enlightered out students on consumer protection and quoted various instances in which the Consumer Association of India came to the rescue of aggrieved consumers.  The student members of the consumer rights assocaition presented a slide show highlighting consumer rights and responsibilities.

On 28.11.2011 a workshop on food and water safety was held.  Mr. Santhanarajan, Director, CONCERT, conducted the workshop.  Sixty eight students from various departments participated in the workshop. Water samples brought by the students were tested to find the safety levels.  Mr. Santhanarajan also highlighted as to how to identify adulteration in food products.

On 19.12.2011 a seminar on ethical issues in advertising was held in the seminar hall.  Students from various colleges participated in the seminar.  Mr. Desikan, Founder, Trustee, Consumer Assocaition of India addressed the students on Ethics in advertising and chaired the first session of the seminar.  The second session was chaired by Dr. mrs. Sugantha Kannan, HoD, Commerce FN).  The best papers in the two sessions were  judged and prizes given to students.

On 3.12.2011 the Consumer Association of India conducted a seminar on ‘Is Healthcare India Patient Centric’ Forty students and five staff memebrs of the college attended the seminar. The students collected data on the topic of the seminar from 160 consumers, analysed the data and presented a paper at the seminar.  A competition on identifying ‘pure silk clothe’ was organised by ‘co-optex’.  Our students participated in the competition and two of them received Silk Scarf for identifying the pure silk clothes.


The activities of Consumer Rights Association were inaugurated by Mr. G. Rajan, Secretary General, Consumers Association of India on 22nd August 2012.
I I P A – Indian Institute of Public Administration, Chennai conducted a workshop on Consumer Rights at Ambedkar Law University.  The coordinators of CRA of our college Dr. A. Dilshath and Mrs. RAsoola Sheik attended the workshop.

On 26 Sep 2012, poster competition on Sustainable Consumption of Personal Transport was conducted in our college on behalf of CAG, 20 students from different department participated.

On 29th Sep 2012 CAI and IRDA conducted a seminar on Health Insurance at The Anna Institute of Management.  Three teaching faculties Dr. A. Dilshath, Mrs. Rasoola Sheik and Mrs. B. Dilshath Begum attended the seminar along with 25 students.

On 17 Oct 2012, Citizen Consumer and Civic Action group – CAG and Consumers International conducted a consumer guiadance seminar on Sustainable Consuption of Personal Transport at Ethiraj College. Our student Ms. M. Juwairiyah won the second prize for the poster competition.

We are going to start The Students Chapter of CAI in our college during this semester.


The inauguration of the activities of the Commerce Association under the banner“Quintessence” held on 19th August 2013.Mrs.Gayathri Sriram, CEO of UCAL Motors , inaugurated the Association and gave a lecture on “women Empowerment and their capabilities to thrive in a male dominant world “ and the same was followed by a debate on “Advertisement creates artificial needs”. The team from Stella Maris college bagged the first place.

The Department Organized seminars on various topics to enrich the students employability and entrepreneurial skills . On 19th July 2013, Ms.Faiza Hussain , the franchisee of the reputed kidzee Preschool, chaired a seminar on “Franchising”. She shared her experience of how she started off with franchising. Mrs. Dayakshyani Balakrishnan, the Director – Business Development Green signal- Bio Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, was the resource person for a seminar on “Ecological Entrepreneurship” on 10th September 2013 .Her speech covered and emphasized on the Entrepreneurial ethics and the best business practices. Yet another seminar on “Adverstising Themes and Appeals” was conducted by Mr.Sikander khan on 21st September 2013.He shed light on the various aspects of profiling and the different strategies used by advertising agency to enhance profitability.

The department conducted a workshop on “Placement skills”, 7th January 2014 Mrs. Padmaja, Chief Consultant “Victory insights” focused on enhancing the employability skills of the student.

The inauguration of Young Entrepreneurs Forum was organized on 12-10-2014. Mrs.K.Saraswathy Secretary General, Madras Chamber of Commerce was the Chief Guest of the event. She elaborated on the importance of small businesses and the contribution of entrepreneurs to the nation. She suggested that concentration on self employment would ease the current unemployment rate.

A seminar was organized on 12 -10-2014 by the forum. The resource person was Dr. Paul Pratap Jeyaraj, Abba Management Consultancy Chennai. The seminar focused on the need for entrepreneurs, the success stories of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial skills and achievement motivation. Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum, the ED cell of the college has organised The College bazaar 2013 , an Exhibition cum sale of products made by Self help group for 3 days along with the Department of Women Studies from 2/12/2013 to 4/12.2013 to patronize and to support the Mahalir Thittam of Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd in empowering women.

The Forum conducted a work shop on “Food Entreprises” to impart training on food handling and preservation on 13-02-2014 Mr.Amit Vaishnav Managing Director Mega Foods Products Madras (p) Limited was the resource person. This workshop was intended to highlight the openings to aspiring entrepreneurs in food industry.An inter-departmental talent contest was organized on 13-2-2014 to bring out the latent and innovative entrepreneurial skills among students. The first, second and third places were bagged by Varshanandhan.A & Shakira, Nida Aman.A. &Vazeetha.I., Samreen.R.&Swathi.N respectively.The forum offered a month long courses in Computer Skills and Tailoring & Embroidery on an on-going basis in batches in association with Ooviya School of Fine Arts in the college premises and nearly 500 have benefited out of the same.

Consumer Rights Association Activities

The activities of Consumer Rights Association were inaugurated by Mrs.S.Saroja , co-ordinator,CAG india on 19th September 2013.She enlightened the student by her talk on Consumer Protection Act And Consumer Forum.She appreciated the ex-office bearers by presenting the momento. She introduced the new office bearer of the academic year 2013-2014 by giving the badges.On 24th September 2013 .

Our students participated in the skit and exhibition on food adulteration conducted by citizen Consumer Club in Sri Kanyaka Paramewari Arts and Science College for Women . Arshiya Fathima M.S and Sabiya ruhee won the third prizes in the exhibition .Anu priya .T won the second prize in Re Use The Used.

On 8th October 2013 Citizen Consumer and civic Action Group conducted a puppet show on organic food.Ms.Ramya Kamalnathan gave a speech on health benefits of organic food. Followed by Mr.N.V.Narayana moorthy explained how pesticides contaminates our food .students enjoyed the puppet show. This programme was an eye opener on organic food.


The Commerce Association was inaugurated by Dr. Geetha Premkumar, Director , Vector Indojanix (P)ltd on 18th August 2014. In her inaugural address , she highlighted on the contribution of Women entrepreneurs to the Indian Economy. She emphasized the multi faced role of a women entrepreneur and the challenges faced in the business and family.

A workshop on Soft Skills Development , “CASCADE” was organized for the undergraduate students of the Department on 23rd and 24th February 2015. The workshop was inaugurated by Mrs.K. Meena Priya, Head(HR) , L&T Geo structure. Ms. Shyleswari M Rao was the trainer cum resource person. The main objective of the workshop was to enable the students to introspect, face their challenges, manage emotions and develop the quality of empathy. The training sessions included SWOT Analysis, Self Awareness component of ‘Empathy and Interpersonal Skills.The valedictory was presided over by Mrs.Priya Sriram, Assistant Director, ACMA on 24th February 2015.

An intercollegiate competition, ‘Quintessence 2015 ‘was held on 28th February 2015. Various on-stage and off-stage events were organized. Students from various Womens’ colleges in the city participated and won prizes.


The activities of the Consumer Rights Association of our college were inaugurated on 18th Sep 2014 with a cookery contest using organic products. The chief guest for the occasion was Mrs. Saroja – Co-ordinator CAG, India. This competition drew several enthusiastic participants from various departments.

Roof top gardening is the trend among gardening enthusiasts. Keeping this in mind, the CAG organized a video presentation by Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram, Tamil Nadu Agricultural Training Institute on 22nd Sep 2014 on the economies of roof top gardening. This was followed by an organic food bazaar with nearly 20 small entrepreneur display selling their organic products.

March 15th is the World Consumer Rights Day, to commemorate this occasion the CRA conducted a workshop on Food Safety Standards by Mr. Santhana Rajan, Director, CONCERT. On 16th march 2015, in federation with consumers association of India a seminar was conducted on Food Safety.Mrs. Nirmala Desikan, Chairman and Managing trustee of CAI welcomed the gathering which was followed by inaugural address by Ms. Amanda long, the Director General of Consumers International (CAI). The special address was delivered by Ms. Indirani Duraisingam, Regional director, CAI. Mr. Mohammed Nasimuddin, IAS and Principal Secretary of Co-operation, Food and Consumer’s Protection Department, Government of Tamil Nadu rendered the presidential address. Mr. G. Santhanarajan gave a speech on topic “Modern day problems in food”. Mr.R.Desikan, Chairman of Emeritus,CAI, spoke on the topic of “ Need for product safety”. Mrs.Saroja a coordinator of citizen consumer and civic action group addressed the gathering on the topic”consumers and misleading advertisements” followed by question and answer session.Vote of thanks was conveyed by Dr.A.Dilshath, Co-ordinator of Consumers Rights Association of JBAS College.


2014-15 has been an yet another eventful year for the Entrepreneurship Development Cell and it started with a grand celebration of its inauguration on the 12th of December 2014.An eminent and distinguished personality in the business world Dr.(Mrs.) Sucharita Kumar was invited to preside over the function. In her inaugural address she covered various aspects of entrepreneurship eloquently and extensively and enlightened the audience on how to accomplish success in the field. She threw light on the likelihood of encountering stumbling blocks and elaborately dealt with the methods and guidelines to overcome such obstacles.The proceedings of the inauguration were well received and proved to be highly beneficial to the aspiring youngsters.

A learned and celebrated personality Dr. Kabaly P. Subramaniam who is hailed as an authority on the subject of entrepreneurship is the faculty of of Arab Open University in the sultanate of Oman was invited as the Chief Guest on 12th February 2015.

In his speech he elaborately dealt with the topics of entrepreneurship and shared his profound knowledge and experience. He also gave very valuable guidelines quoting several instances of success stories of individuals who dared to venture upon new and innovative projects and achieved success. Needless to say his presence and speech served as an impetus to the youngsters who derived inspiration and encouragement in good measure.

Having derived the inspiration from illustrious personalities from, the forum were eager to do some innovative exercises .As result, they organized the COLLEGE BAZAAR wherein outside agencies - Women Self Help Groups were persuaded to set up their stalls and perform sale of their wares. This was held as a two day programme on 21st and 22nd of Janaury 2015. The bazaar was inaugurated by our esteemed principal Dr.(Mrs) Shahnaz Ahmed. Tmt S. Snekalatha, Project Officer Mahalir Thittam, Chennai extended all cooperation for this effort and made it a grand success. The forum was assisted in their attempt by Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women, Chennai.

In order to find out and assess the response and grasp of the intricacies of the entrepreneurship by the students, it was necessitated to hold a competition and the topic was coined as “TIPS” which is an abbreviation of“T-THINK, I- INNOVATE, P-PROCEED, S-SUCCEED”The students showed overwhelming enthusiasm and participated in good number. The event was held separately for Undergraduates and Postgraduates. The undergraduates were examined with three following topics:(a) ”Best Out of Waste” (b) “ Logo Designing and Slogan Writing” (c)”T-Shirt Painting”

Post Graduate students were given the three following topics for the competition: (a)“Best Out of Waste” (b)“Hand made Products” (c)“Pricing the Product” the response from the P.G. students was very heartening and enthusiastic.

Finally, the YEF considered it necessary to provide an opportunity to the aspiring entrepreneurs to learn certain handicrafts. For the purpose a workshop was organized and held as a two days programme on the 3rd and 4th of March 2015.On the first day,the participants were taught “PAPER QUILLING”. The instructor was Miss Idhenya Ramesh who is well versed in the handicraft and who is also an entrepreneur who engages in the business of selling fancy articles made out of paper imparted training to the students, and demonstrated how fancy article can be made with ease from paper. The participants also learnt how to make items of ornaments from “

CLAY AND TERROCOTTA”. The resource persons for this session were Miss. Rahmath Shafana and Miss.Masthan Beevi, who are women entrepreneurs who have their business of selling jewellery made of clay and terracotta. Next day, the participants were exposed to a new art of handicrafts namely “FABRIC PAINTING” and “LIQUID EMBROIDERY”. The resource person was an experienced employee of FEVICRYL products Mrs. Meera Rao who gave training to the students on the above handicrafts. It is worth mentioning here that the students evinced lively interest to learn the new techniques on both the days and workshop concluded on a happy note.

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